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Richard Burton: Back Into The Fray!

You don’t want what you think you want.

Ann: Richard, kind of a hard day what with the Roe v. Wade hearing. Clearly an entire segment of our population has no problem treating women as chattel and have the politicians and judges bought and paid for to make it happen.

Richard: Now, love, you’re looking in the wrong direction. You need to take that sad sack of self pity out of your stuffy room past the incessant drivel that styles itself as evening news and ignore the meaningless insanities propagated by your fellows and look up.

Look up at the sky, the universe beyond us, the worlds that we know on some level as our own and yet which from this vantage point are only dimly intuited illuminations.

But illuminations they are. All worlds, all created beings go through light and dark. Who are you to think that light is a personal right ? You walk as we all have walked, as Jesus our teacher and friend travelled, fearful, yes, but aware deep in that most fundamental part of your soul that darkness is not the organizing force of the multiverse.

Darkness is the fuel. Imagine the planet with no evil, no lies, no sneaking around, and no skullduggery. Why we would all be asleep at the wheel with our bellies full and our systems verging on the comatose - and the multiversal expansion grinding to a halt!

No, you don’t want what you think you want. You want vision, you want to coalesce dark and light into a dynamic whole, expanding, changing, exploring, learning - including the setbacks that keep us honest.

So give it up, love, and charge back into the fray. After all, that’s why we’re here.

December 1, 2021

Free Image Credit: Pixabay, universe, 47211, geralt,

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1 Comment

BJ Stewart
BJ Stewart
Dec 02, 2021

Thanks, Richard and Ann, Just the message I needed today, actually everyday, but especially today.

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