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Richard Burton: Colouring Outside The Lines

Today, in much of Western society, we have often been required to colour outside the lines of "normality"

in order to reach for our spiritual ancestors and guides

Ann: Richard?

Richard: Yes, love. At the risk of surfeiting our audience with an overabundance of yours truly, I would like to say a word or two about colouring outside the lines.

Those of you who have communicated with me and beings of my ilk may have been left with a feeling of somehow being “other,” of not fitting into the community to which you belong, of, in short, moving out of the sphere of what is “normal.”

Well, far be it from me to come up with a definitive description of “normal,” but I would like to point out that we on this planet operate at about 10% of our capacity or less. Not that I am being critical, because it is in the nature of the human being that such would be the case.

Think about it. We come to his planet naked, helpless, having, in fact, to create our world from scratch. We have no memory at the ready to guide us. We must learn first to navigate our immediate environs, our family structures and their surrounds in order to insure our survival - which is not by any means a given.

It is only when we have achieved a modicum of security that we can start to explore the other aspects of our beings, those aspects that have been peeking out all along but which, unless very powerful, are not allowed to hold sway while our physical survival hangs in the balance. Eventually we reach an inflection point where either our security is hale enough to be put on the back burner or our creative instincts overpower those concerns.

Then the real exploration takes precedence. Some move into the arts, some into physical pursuits such as athletics, exploration, or science. Others follow their family’s chosen path, either by inclination or precept. All of this is part of the process of expansion, but in every case throughout that process, our spiritual needs are calling us to find balance, to find our connection and our place in the universe.

Today, in much of Western society this has often required us to colour outside the lines of "normality" to reach for our spiritual ancestors and guides. As we do so, we often connect with older traditions, those known to us in this world, those experiences in previous incarnations, and those present in worlds we do not presently inhabit. This is the new normal which is really the old normal come full circle.

What I wish to leave you with is that it is, thank the Goddess, an expanding normal, the golden rule on a cosmic level. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” When this becomes the norm, there will be no need for lines, and we will all be able to colour wherever and however we wish, bound only by these holy words.

So keep colouring, for, with every stroke of your brush, sweep of your pen, and outreach of your soul, you are bringing us closer to the Promised Land.

March 7, 2021

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1 Comment

Mar 07, 2021

Thank you Richard, and yes, I intend to keep colouring. And, speaking for myself, I shall never tire of hearing your inspiring and kind words of wisdom. Thanks, Ann!

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