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Richard Burton: Embrace The Twilight Zone

I find myself drifting, not unhappy but not connected to what is going on around me. I seem to be in a state of mind initiated by my recent surgery and evolving who knows where, so I asked Richard for some insight. Love to know if any of you experienced such.

Richard Burton: You have been through the veil, love, and now that you have decided to come back, you carry within you the twilight mists associated with that other world.

Do you recall the euphoria with which you emerged back into consciousness? In spite of pain and uneven care, your aspect was of joyful understanding. Instead of being frustrated by glacial recovery, you are content to laze around, sleep, read, let others carry on the business of life.

Finally it occurs to you that this may have something to teach you, this twilight zone between life and life with a thread that binds the two into a continuum. Did you think it was coincidence that brought a puppy into your life two weeks before you were told you needed heart surgery?

Ann: I thought I'd have to give him back.

Richard: And now he is the joy that tethers you here. Many have had the same experience. Rather than feel this in between state must be resolved, consider letting the adventure unfold. Clearly you cannot control the script, so try to refrain from asking, "What next?" for that is part of the mystery that brought us here.

Pull a rune, love, and see what the universe has to say.

Ann: The Blank Rune: Trust.

Richard: I rest my case.

November 19, 2022

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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