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Richard Burton, Harriet Tubman: "What Is Essential... invisible to the eye."**

Ann: Thanks to the shout out on Lena Rodriguez's YouTube,* we have a gathering of new subscribers. Thanks, Lena!

Would you like to say a few words, Richard?

Richard Burton: Absolutely. Lovely to hear from you, love, and welcome to those who are just making our acquaintance. I like to think that we are a quiet little corner of sanity, which is a bit odd considering that I was considered completely mad in my earthly life. However, now blessed in my current location, I can offer a spot of calm, reassurance, and perspective because I now know what that is.

And it is precisely because I have lived in both worlds that, although I don't know how specific matters will turn out, I can in general see, as have others who have passed, where we are on a very large continuum.

We are all, like the Little Prince,** seekers.

And that seeking does not stop with death. Our vision is unfettered as we settle into our new lives on the other side. As a result, many of us are often filled with purpose and determination to expand the vision of those of you who remain shrouded in the earth’s heavy atmosphere.

We see what we can only dimly intuit, and that is that we are created by an expanding beneficent Source, and it is our mission to further that expansion in the way of our Creator, the way of Jesus Christ, the Buddha, the Dalai Lama, and many others who have embodied that loving vision.

We on the planet have taken on the twin challenges of forgetfulness and loss of our peripheral vision in order, at the end of the day, to bring ourselves back into the fold of loving kindness in which we were created. And when we do, we come with newly certified knowledge - knowledge that no matter how straightened our circumstances, we are never abandoned by Spirit.

As one on the most "abandoned" on the planet – and all by my own hand – I can certify to that knowledge.

My friends and I on this blog come to remind you, not just of your origins, but of the connections available to you while still on this planet which can hopefully enlighten your journey.

Harriet Tubman (Auntie): Ain’t that the truth, brother.

Richard: Auntie, I am indeed gratified by your presence.

Auntie: Now, don’t you try out all them hifalutin' words on me, boy, you ain’t talkin' to the Pope. You talkin' to someone who been round this block mo’ times that I care to count, and I done watched you make a full circle turn to where you are now and right proud o’ you I am.

But that ain’t what I come to say. I come to say to anyone out there that you can find that person or angel or spirit that moves you the most, the one that pulls at yo' heartstrings and, speaks to yo' bettah angels.

Maybe you cain’t hear 'em clear, but they be there even if you jes barely imagine them. And when that happen, when you git jes a little inklin' of a hand on your shoulder or a whisper in the air, stop for just a minute to see who wants to talk to you. It might be Archangel Michel, Jesus himself, or one of us who been through what you goin' through right now. We tryin' to tell you that you ain’t alone.

And you ain’t. That’s the best as I can say it. Now it’s up to you to take the hands that’s offered you and see what they have to say. Don’t stop to wonder if somethin' crazy is happenin’ to you, cause it is, and you ain’t crazy. We be here to help you wherever you may be.

Richard: So I am left with nothing more to offer other than, “Amen, Auntie.”

May 10, 2021

**Antoinne de Saint-Exupery, Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince,) 1943

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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May 12, 2021

Thank You. I have always loved Richard Burton. 😘

May 12, 2021
Replying to

Thanks for letting me know, Janice :)

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