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Richard Burton: Jesus Takes Us As We Are.

No snowflake is the same.

I started a conversation with RIchard* tonight, very proud of myself for ordering scrambled eggs instead of pancakes at the local sugar house today. And then it morphed into this.

Ann: Hi Richard.

Richard Burton: Hi yourself. Good day for you I think.

Ann: Yes, made it through the pancake wars.

Richard: What would you like to talk about?

Ann: Actually I was wondering if you have something you want to say.

Richard: Ah, yes, of course I do. Never give a person – or spirit - of my ilk license to pontificate. Soapboxes were my favorite habitat, and, truth to tell, I haven’t strayed too far from that location– as you can see from my current occupation.

Ann: How would you describe your current occupation?

Richard: Well, certainly not as a guide. I know it’s not the pc thing to say, but I really don’t like the word - and I liked even less the persons who tried to assume that role in my life.

The point, in this crazy experiment called humanity, is for each of us to become our own guides. In that process, if we are lucky, we come across people or spirits which whom we can have a conversation. These are folks who have been around the block a time or two and can perhaps see their way a little, or maybe a lot, further down the road than we, in our limited human orientation can achieve at the particular point in our evolution.

They are teachers, yes, but the charming thing about them is that they are still learning, and every contact, conversation, or occurrence thereby becomes an opportunity for mutual revelation and expansion.

Now, you say – and I can hear you, Madame – that perhaps I have many reasons to seek assistance wherever I may find it after the cock up I made of my last excursion into human form, and far me it from me to deny the obvious truth of that statement.

Ann: I did not say that.

Richard: Yes, well, nevertheless, it is quite true. But here is the next and perhaps harder to swallow iteration of that principle: even Jesus, angels, and extreme wisdom figures come away with something added from every contact they make with each individual who seeks their help.

Ann: Seriously?

Richard: Seriously. But why take my word for it? Jesus?

Jesus: Hello Richard. Hello, Ann. And hello to whomever may be reading these words.

Yes, it is true that I have been around more blocks than many, but still I have miles to go before I sleep, and part of my learning, part of my training is to adjust as needed to be of help to each individual who seeks my assistance. (Smiling) Handing down tablets with commandments is really just so passé.

Connection means exactly that, taking each spirit where its soul currently resides and making common cause in one way or another.

For example, Ann has an irreverent streak which I can joyfully embrace because it makes both of us smile. It is from that shared enjoyment that trust comes, and, as a result, she can release the defensiveness she tends to bring to our association.

Richard, on the other hand, gives his whole self, warts and all, in his communications with those still struggling on the planet because that makes him legitimate and thereby trustworthy. Yes, he pulls no punches, but that allows those with whom he communicates to do the same, neither taking offence, though arguments – or shall we call them discussions – are bound to arise but which, again, allows an unfettered exchange.

I have a different vibration, and in my last existence on the planet I pushed the envelope further than most of you. But nevertheless I know and respect where you come from, whereof you speak, and the profound challenges you encounter in trying to access your soul’s essence while in human form.

Who am I to cast the first or any other stone? I am here to help. Call on me and let’s have some fun together as we try to tease out the journey that each of you seeks to undertake on this planet.

It is an adventure that, if invited, I will be honored to undertake with you, and I will endeavour to meet you where you are at this moment, no questions asked.

Ann: Wow. Thank you, Jesus, thank you, Richard, such gifts you are to us, and, from what you are saying, we are to each other.

Richard: Righteo, Madame, got it in one.

Jesus: (Smiling) What he said.

March 18, 2023

*Richard Burton (1925 – 1984) was a Welsh actor.[1] Noted for his mellifluous baritone voice, Burton established himself as a formidable Shakespearean actor in the 1950s..... Burton's perceived failure to live up to...expectations disappointed some critics and colleagues; his heavy drinking added to his image as a great performer who had wasted his talent.... In the mid-1960s, Burton became a top box office star. Burton remained closely associated in the public mind with his second wife, Elizabeth Taylor. The couple's turbulent relationship, married twice and divorced twice, was rarely out of the news. Wikipedia.

Ann: My discovery of Richard as a guide (I mean, teacher) is chronicled in Conversations With Richard; It's Not Over When You Die. See description under Books above.

Free Image Credit: Pixabay, Pexels.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes.

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