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Richard Burton: Light in Darkness

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Since being interviewed by David Johnson ( on his YouTube channel recently, I have been touched and a bit overwhelmed to receive a flood of heartwarming messages. I am both stunned and deeply grateful. I have also, however, been beset with doubts that I would not be able to measure up. Richard set me straight: it’s not about me.

"This is a time of jubilation and rejoicing, for one more window has opened to allow light to be received into the world..."

Ann: Richard, are you there?

Richard: As ever was, love, I have been waiting to speak with you. What a hullabaloo you have going on, do you not? For right now, I counsel delight and wonder. Please take note of how you have arrived at this point. Only a miracle could have created the unlikely series of events which resulted in an intuitive practice and writing career.

A: And that miracle is named Richard.

R: Madame, I humbly accept that accolade on behalf of myself and the myriad of spirits who through Source are here at this time to assist in deflecting the course of the river of darkness which threatens to come down upon us. And I say “us” because all in the universe will be affected should each and every person fail to play their part in holding back the tide. You are doing your part. You will continue to receive support from the growing number of spiritual beings who have something to contribute to your readers - who in turn will open to their own gifts. This is a time of jubilation and rejoicing, for one more window has opened to allow light to be received into the world so that Spirit’s message can be received by those who truly wish to know, to see, and to lean on the help of spirit to lead them on a path of union and reunion with God.

A: Richard, do you think I will become more self-conscious of what I am asking and receiving because I’m thinking of putting it on the blog and then not be able to hear?

R: Only you, Madame, could turn a celebratory event into an exercise in anxiety and doubt. Have done, love, in allowing these doubts to beset you, and simply do as you are asked, that is, ask and listen. That is all, and that you know how to do. Your ego and doubts can have lunch in some other location, there is no rent room here. You will give what you have to give, and let it go. Angels can do no more.

November 2, 2019

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Nov 03, 2019

I found you after seeing the video with Dave. please continue to trust yourself, though as I say that I also understand exactly how you feel. Fortunately Richard won’t let you stay in the closet. 🌻


Carol Baum
Carol Baum
Nov 03, 2019

I found you through Dave. Do not doubt yourself, Ann. So many of us need to hear the words you share.

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