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Richard Burton on the Senate Trial

Hate to admit it, but I am having some trouble keeping it in the road after seeing the naked greed and shameless lies that comprised much of the Republican presentation in the Senate impeachment trial. And many of us, myself included, seem to be having a few downward spirals of our own, so I asked Richard to ride to the rescue which he did in a brief but inimitable fashion.

"Use the trial to deepen your resources and commitment to Spirit. Angels can do no more."

Ann: Richard is there anything you can tell us about the travesty of this "trial" in the Senate?

Richard Burton: Yes, love, hate to say it, but it gets darker before the dawn. And, yes, I can see you rolling your eyes. But sometimes, love, we cannot stop a downward spiral; it has to play out in its own time. We can stand up. We can reach out. We can ask for Spirit to lighten the core of our beings with the warmth of its eternal light, but sometimes changing the course of history is not within our power.

The Senate trial is exposing those whose only motivations in government are greed and power. The House Managers are soldiering on in spite of the fact that they hold a losing hand. But they, as St Catherine has suggested, are doing their part as, oddly enough, the Republicans may be also, and it may be that this trial of fools turns out to be a blessing in some unforeseen manner.

Your work not is not to let this ugliness find a home inside you. Follow the advice of every wisdom figure offering counsel on this blog. Reach out in kindness to those around you. This is where it will begin and end. Others have suffered through this before, why should your country be immune? Use the trial to deepen your resources and commitment to Spirit. Angels can do no more.

January 22, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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