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Richard Burton: Past Propaganda

Now is the time for excavation of the treasures buried in our own souls and relegation to the dust bin for everything else .

Ann: Richard, good morning. I gather you have something to say?

Richard: Yes, indeed. You have recently been beset by ghosts from the past – and not even ghosts really, but memories of experiences based on emotional reactions. Not that I mean to invalidate those reactions because they have something to teach you as you try to winnow out truth from fiction, but I would like to suggest that you try a different approach.

All of us have tapes running in our heads that tell us the meaning of our experiences. Sometimes these tapes are not helpful, particularly those that begin with, “You always….” “You never….” Tell me love, have you found such tapes helpful? Instructive? Illuminating?

No? Well I am here to suggest that, in spite of their often unattractive tones, they have much to impart to our lives now because they can help us extrapolate any false ideas imposed upon us in our growing up years. Some of us have lives run largely on these old slogans, and the sad part is that many of them have very little grounding in reality and are instead just propaganda from the past designed, intentionally or no, to put is into a boxes predetermined by our background and families of origin.

Now, that might have been a very delightful box indeed or it could have been a hellhole. What must be determined now is how such tapes relate to the authentic vibrations within our own natures so that we can properly align with who we are and where our souls live.

Perhaps one of your tapes was in response to an ill-conceived rebellion from which you can now see your way back to the center of your family and clan as the true home from which you temporarily strayed. But sometimes the strictures that keep running over and over again in our minds were instead meant to keep us confined to a pattern that was not intended to be ours.

Now begins the work of discernment, the winnowing out of truth from falsehood, kindly intention from something less by setting each against the truth of our own hard won self-knowledge. It is that knowledge that must be our guide now, not well-meaning, uninformed, or self-serving guidance from others.

Now is the time for excavation of the treasures buried in our own souls and relegation to the dust bin for everything else. When these treasures are discovered, the reasons for our being in this time and place will unfold, and whether that happens gradually or in a flash or light, it matters not, for we will have aligned ourselves with our angels and guides and light will be guiding the paths in our lives.

Of course this does not mean that these false strictures will go away entirely, just that they can be easily identified, given a pat on the head, and told to go play in their own backyard as we have no further use for them.

March 18, 2021

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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2 comentários

18 de mar. de 2021

"Hard won self knowledge" indeed, Richard, not to mention so poignantly timed as to be determined of Devine Source, certainly insofar in relationship to my life.

Absolutely lovely, timely, insightful and brilliant....well, as per usual, Ann and Richard.

Many sincere thanks.


18 de mar. de 2021
Respondendo a

Thanks, Laurie, I so appreciate your comments, so encouraging.

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