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Richard Burton: Push the Reset Button

In rural Tennessee near where I grew up, there was a tiny little church with a rather large marquee out front which was used to post inspirational messages. One of these was, "Take Time To Be Holy." I laughed at it then, not so much now when Richard and today's rune throw and Animal Medicine Card pull reminded me to take note.

Ann: Richard, I seem to be putting off doing anything. Can you help me with this?

Richard: Yes, love, of course. And I prefer to think of it as composting. Witness the events of this morning where you were lead to a Jim Avett* video where he explained his beliefs about the beginning and end of life, and followed up by singing some gospels songs with his family.

His point was that we come in with nothing, and we leave the same way, but we do leave something behind from the canvas we were granted when we were born and what we chose to paint upon it.

What are you painting on the canvas you have been given?

Not what have you done. Not your running around, your accomplishments, acquisitions or power and influence you may have accumulated. Instead, whose hearts have you touched, what energy did you take into yourself and radiate to those around you? That is what goes up upon your canvas to leave behind when you leave.

Have you ever wondered why you might not remember particular events from your growing up, your midlife, or even in these your later years? It is because those events are not important. What you remember is the times of emotional intensity where you were hurt, where you experienced the numinous power of the Divine, and where the connections with your fellows was profound.

As a result, a moment of recognition and connection with an Alzheimer patient is as or more powerful that a long conversation with someone else. When people connect, really connect, no matter who or where they are, there you live and remember.

Many intuitive people get lost in the pressure to perform when in actuality what is evolving inside their hearts is the equivalent of the most inspiring creation. Mindfulness, attention to this work is your task now.

Thurisaz Reversed puts a hold on action and asks you to contemplate what is meaningful to you. Not what you have been told is important, but what really touches your heart. As you do so, take a hint from Spider and create, create your own world of exploration and awe.

Then look around and begin to learn from what you have created. There are mysteries there unknown even to the so-called author, for, as you have good cause to know, we are all channels of the Divine in every worthwhile endeavour that comes from our hands.

Take a moment, love, and reflect on what you have received, what it teaches, how it changes your internal neurons to as to better align them with Holy Mother, Great Sprit, Yggdrasil, God our Father, to name a few.

These and many others carry the songlines of creation. Align yourself with these, and let their flow carry you where you are ask to go. This is not a time for doing.

July 31, 2021

*Jim Avett intro, then “I’ll Fly Away” and “Closer Walk With Thee”, 1/31/20, Concord NC.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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