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Richard Burton: Seeing Through The Mist

The mist will lift. It is but part of a process.

Ann: Hi Richard.

Richard: Hello, love. Yes, I know you have felt my presence but have hesitated to reach out because it seems that nothing much is moving, that we are somewhat frozen in place and not a very pleasant place at that.

You are not alone. Many are going through what feels a bit like dead space. The planets, as they say, are not in conjunction, both literally and figuratively. It is, therefore, sit-tight time, time to ride the circular currents of the storm that swirls in place around you until your vision naturally clears.

Now is the time to notice, as Professor Einstein has said, but not just the world around you in its most minute and cosmic particulars, but also the stirrings in your own heart. It can be difficult to do so, as you may have noticed, for we are afraid to make that dive for fear of what we may discover.

Fear of our own home truths is one of the reasons for the popularity of the internet as it perpetuates the illusion of busy that keeps so many of us hovering instead of releasing ourselves to the flow that carries our souls down to the sea of heaven’s wisdom.

So, if possible, let those high tech diversions take a back seat - even just for an hour, then maybe two. How about an afternoon? A day? A week? We need to build up our stamina so that we can hear our angels, our guides, and our gods when they gather round to help us when our vision is obstructed.

The world is changing. You may feel malaise, unsettled, or without direction. You may wonder what your purpose is, how to carry on living your life from here, or to what object or cause you can devote yourself. The atmosphere is murky, heaviness, almost humidity, may seem to wear you down, and sometimes you cannot see your way.

This will pass, love, it is but part of a process. It behooves each of us finding ourselves adrift to do a little inner survey. Be assured that there is gold under the dross of the flotsam and jetsam currently obscuring the view. What you want to do is to keep the gold, love, and toss out the dross.

So in aid of that program, do not look back. The future is what will bring a smile to your face. You do not have to plot out its particulars to feel its light shining through the present haze if you will lift your gaze and be patient. Resolve to commit yourselves to that light and let your way be guided.

We are indeed in a new day on the cusp of a new world. We have no need to wallow in the doldrums when we can simply float on the tide of God’s mercy into that new world.

June 14, 2021

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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