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Richard Burton: Spirit and Soul

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

We are born here to rediscover

what we have left behind in our many incarnations.

Ann: Richard?

Richard: Yes, love, I wanted to speak with you tonight because, although you turn to us in your heart ever more readily, it is still hard for you to hold yourself in two worlds at once, the one where we converse, where you and Jesus and so many others walk hand in hand and the one in which you have to make sure that there is enough chicken on Fudge’s dinner to tempt him to eat.

These earthly demands are becoming more tempered to the mission that you have undertaken in this lifetime. Though connected to daily responsibilities, have you noticed and more and more that each one is tempered with love, love as the guiding force, love as the aim, love as the internally realized forced you are seeking to express to each and every interaction on this planet?

This is the mission, love, for everyone. Not that we give up our identity, far from it, but that we absorb in a more conscious fashion the true nature of our heritage. Each one of us is a child of God. Everyone who reads these words shares that in common. Our mission is to recognize that fact, to accord it the credence and reverence it deserves.

We are born this time to rediscover what we have left behind in our many incarnations. Not that we have necessarily acted with malfeasance, though that may have been part of our journeys, but that for purposes of this incarnation, many of us have failed to grasp the holy nature of our own souls. Coming to grips with this essential truth on both soul and spirit levels is our purpose now.

Let us speak about the soul and the spirit and how they dance together over lives and eons until they finally come together in a reunion of love with Great Spirit.

This is what we all come for, yearn for, are created for, and struggle against, for our original incarnation here was, for many of us, a breakaway. Though we may not have couched it in those terms at the outset of our many sojourns on earth, we hoped to see what we could make of ourselves on our own.

So what started as an exploration and expansion degenerated into idolatry at the altar of our little egos, and we have been trying to work ourselves out of this ever since. Each incarnation gives us another run at this endeavour.

Each person has a spirit that they bring with them to each incarnation, and that spirit emphasizes the part of the soul that needs work, expansion, enlightenment, etc., at that time. That spirit consists of many talents, temptations, foibles, and impulses toward both light and dark. It then becomes our choice as to how we proceed.

This spirit is the soul’s explorer function, and it changes with every journey to this planet, but the soul does not change. The soul is our essence, our holy center, the individual creation.

Your soul, love, like mine, like that of everyone on the planet is unique and does not change except in its understanding. As that increases, our choices and our souls will reflect that understanding and begin to glow as our own unique facet of the Great Radiant Crystal which is the whole of God's creation.

We bring our many spirits to this planet to help us to learn, to bring back education and enlightenment, expansion and vision to illumine the original soul that our Creator sent out into her creation.

Only when our soul glows and pulses in recognition of its holy nature, its unique and beloved place in making the Great Crystal shine, is our soul’s purpose fulfilled.

I ask each of you to let this happen. Let your friends in spirit help you. You are travelling home.

July 10, 2021

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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3 comentários

12 de jul. de 2021

Of course, during his last sojourn on earth, Richard lived at the service of the spirit, or should I say spirits! 😜. Ann, the image of the deer spirit always pulls at my heart strings, evokes separation pangs and yearning to reunite with my soulmate. Insightful interaction with Richard. Thank you.


11 de jul. de 2021

Richard's eloquence reaches straight to the heart. He spells it out so clearly! If all people read this post and understood love was their purpose expressed in countless ways, our world would be delivered. Thank you Richard and Ann! Such a gift!


11 de jul. de 2021

Yes, we are traveling home and such a home coming it shall be with help from guides such as Jesus and Richard and the others discovered because of your willingness to share your wonderful gift, Ann. Thank you!

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