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Richard Burton: The Cosmic Law of Right

Sometimes unexpected events upend life plans as I expect all of you have experienced on one way or another. Since I am now looking at a medical bump in the road in form of a very fixable heart condition, I went to the runes, pulled Raido (Rider) which is one of my favorite runes bearing as it does the image of horse and rider, completely in tune riding the currents of life in complete harmony. Much encouraged, I then asked Richard for guidance which I hope may be of help to you also.

Ann: Raido, Rider, Richard, the Cosmic Law of Right. Richard, would you please talk to me about this?

Richard: With the greatest pleasure, love. We come, finally, to the enduring reality of what many call magic and that would be correct if magic is meant to mean the most direct route to spiritual truth. When elemental questions arise, a gift given to you by the spectre of immortality, inevitable always in concept with its shadow always with us but now fully visible.

Here is the window of opportunity that is offered to each one of us in these circumstances. The world of humans so exploited and defiled by racist political aspirations is now brought back into focus for its fundamental values, that is, its use as a generative power by which the Holy is make manifest. Now there are no subterfuges, no illusion of time left in the tank, no fall by the wayside theories that allow life to be contained as an indefinite commodity, and so vision clears and we can see behind the veil.

This is the gift each of you have been given in these moments. Raido is the vehicle and the essence, the journey and the ever expanding destination. This is Yggdrasil, Great Mother, the Creative Force in moving form. This is where your true nature and purpose are to be discovered.

Your fear has held you back so far, fear of knowledge, of being, and, elementally, of dying to nothingness. The concept of a world of repetitive death and disappearance is a world without meaning..

Now Raidho in the guise of a medical wake up call has come to the rescue. You can no longer go along as usual, or if you do, you do so at your peril. You have gathered around you a formidable array of guides and angels with myself as the introductory force but by no means the end result.

Our association has brought expansion to both our existences and love and laughter in the process. The same is now exponentially available to each one of you. You have nothing to fear. That is the truth of the matter.

August 25, 2022

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Aug 25, 2022

Insightful as usual Richard - thank you. Ann, I'll be sending you healing light and know that you will come through this with flying colours! Thank you 💙🙏


Aug 25, 2022

To you both, thank you for sharing and enlightening us all.

To Ann, it is a given we are all expanding our hearts in effort to extend sincerest thoughts towards the best possible outcome.

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