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Richard Burton: The Light Is Returning

I seem to be getting a lot of messages recently about light returning, things getting better, etc. - some what of a cognitive dissonance with many events in the world around us. And yet the spirits who come here are speaking more from spirit and less from persona, for example, Richard Burton....

Ann: Hi Richard, I have been reading novels and taking a break –or maybe not?.

Richard: Not at all love, you are learning to follow your own internal rhythms which continue to evolve on a deeper level while your brain plays with a nice toy to keep it occupied. The timing is significant, for many of us are coming to a bit of a crossroads, not necessarily a change of direction but a change in emphasis.

I too have found a deeper vibration to tap into which has opened my eyes to heretofore imperceptible vibrations and elevations around me. Although I have been moving on my current plane as a mentor for some time, I have worked on my own development as much as offering encouragement those who have sought by counsel, and I have felt keenly the need to lift my focus.

The universe has now opened another portal, for me, yes, but for all of you who have eyes to see and ears to hear. Surely you have felt it, the subtle lift in the atmosphere around you, a lighter breeze, a weight lifting from your heart with no discernable source or reason?

This, love, is a heightened perception of the armies of light that are coming to the planet. Buck up, as John would say, Madame, because you and your compatriots are marching in that same army only now you are beginning to sense the comraderie, the knowledge, ever so subtle, that you are not alone, not just in your fears which you have perhaps always known, but in your mission, your vision, and your valour in turning your own hand to expanding the light of the particular space on the planet that you inhabit.

I see a smile come to your face, love. You have no idea why do you?

Ann: Not the slightest.

Richard: Visualize a friend whose stands beside you, whose hand is upon your shoulder and then another friend of that friend giving the same support to the first, and then another, then another. It is like a row of dominoes except that rather than knocking each other down, each shores up the next and then the next in a wall of support and light.

You have felt it, haven’t you, each one of you reading these words? Though it might sound odd, this heightened perception is a direct result of your burgeoning awareness of dark energy, however odd that may sound.

In different ways the worm is turning. What had been hidden is beginning to be revealed. The horrors taking place on the planet are but the last gasps of a fruitless endeavour devoid of imagination and vision beyond the small circle of influence to which its perpetrators cling. The pitiful nature of their “kingdoms” is being revealed in the impoverishment of their souls which are on display for everyone to see. Even some of those who were previously enthralled are beginning to be disillusioned.

It is becoming increasingly clear to many that all that negative energy is taking us down a hell hole of our own making. Many are beginning to turn back and inch closer to the spiritual awakening that is beginning to break through.

Some of you came to facilitate this awakening in one way or another. Some came to fight, and those are the first line of defenders who have thrown themselves upon the swords of the approaching marauders. Now behind them comes the second wave, the ones whose light, whose understanding and compassion has begun to seep into the atmosphere and the earth.

None can stand before it. Its kindness is its armour, its truth is its sword. We are moving forward, our world is expanding, and all that come forth now come in the service of that expansion. Setbacks will be real but will not last. Vision will be sustained, knowledge will not be denied, for truth is its message.

Take what you receive, the energy of expanding light, and let it permeate your life in a myriad of different ways. Believe in it even when all seems to fall to pieces about you, for in this energy are the seeds of the phoenix that will rise, that is rising, and that will take us into the next millennium on the backs of our own angels of mercy.

in this energy we are beginning to glimpse the edges of the eternal truth of a created and expanding universe, thread by thread by thread until a great tapestry slowly appears, woven bit by bit with the flaws in its junctures eventually creating the most unexpected beauty

in creation’s ever expanding spiral.

Ann: I don’t feel very holy, Richard.

Richard: No, love, but you feel lighter, for you have recognized dark and are learning to combat it, and that is the same thing.

January 10, 2022

Free Image Credit: Pixabay, Stonehenge, kidmoses.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Jan 12, 2022

Eloquent as always--our dear friend Richard---"kindness as armour, truth as sword."

I am experiencing moments of joy for no reason. Yes, we are being showered with light.

Thank you Ann and Richard!


Jan 11, 2022

Yes, I agree. Light is coming in, albeit slowly - for me at least. Yet is that not infinitely better than the heaviness and darkness that's been permeating our souls? I think so. Gratitude and Love to you Richard and Ann. Thank you 💜🙏💜

Jan 11, 2022
Replying to

My thoughts as well, Georgie.


BJ Stewart
BJ Stewart
Jan 11, 2022

It has felt lighter, to me, since the New Year. Even tho the negative news is still dominant. Believe in the Light.

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