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Richard Burton: On Help

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed by current events lately and turned to Richard for a little perspective which he graciously provided. I have to admit to being easily derailed and inclined to question whether what I hear and see from spirit is “real,” particularly in the face of so much turmoil on the planet. If you share these concerns, perhaps Richard’s take will be of help to you also, it certainly was to me.

“The Creator creates. Destruction will never take her down;

it just doesn’t have the fire power.”

Ann: Hi Richard, I could use some help if you have the time. Very upset about the death and terror Trump has unleashed, not clear what my role is, feeling kind of small. Can you help?

Richard: How can you even ask, love? As you know I have nothing but time, and I live to be of service.

First of all, let me say that your confusion in the face of so much stimuli is to be expected. When one enters a new phase of life on the planet there is the detritus from the previous ways that trails behind and prevents the new path from coming through with clarity. You are in one of those transitions, and actually I feel you are managing quite well. You have not abandoned your access and in fact have expanded it. Yes, I know it feels strange to be talking to so many spirits who have showed up all at once, but you are doing it anyway in spite of confusion and questions.

This is what is required, love, the putting of one foot in front of the other, moving forward in the face of confusion but moving nevertheless. You will never be able to see the whole while in human form or even the parts of it with any real clarity. Trust is what you have need of and, though I so say so myself, your humble servant, others who are now coming in to help, and many who have come before and left their wisdom in artwork and texts.

I am delighted that you bring these matters to me rather than turning to distractions such as novels or food. Not that I don’t see the balance that these can provided when balance needs to be restored, but other techniques may prove more useful. Anita has mentioned Epsom salt footbaths as one such method, readings from holy writings and wisdom figures may also provide perspective. If you don’t see these as your avenues of relief and recharging, then nature and animals are there for you to lean on. Animals see clearly, for they only see in the present and can keep you grounded there also. I do recommend also the simple tasks of ordinary life which, if mindfully performed can take you out of any unhealthy orbit where your grounded connection to the planet – and as a result your connection to God – may seem a bit wobbly. We need both, spirit and human, as Catherine can tell you.

Suffice it to say, love, that the movement that the planet is going through is unnerving to say the least, not just for those of you on the front lines, but for all of us who see from afar the clash of dark forces with the universal creative force. This struggle is not just on our little planet but all over the universe and beyond. Think universal expansion versus black holes. Still we must persist without holding on to the outcome but with trusting that our Creator knows what she is doing. (Like that? Threw that little PC item in there to get your attention so that you realize it is not as grim a struggle as it may seem.) Love, be sensible. The Creator creates. Destruction will never take her down; it just doesn’t have the fire power.

OK, for now? Can you go do the dishes or some such thing?

A: What about the fire next time?

R: Oh for god’s sake, will you have done? This is not for us to know or concern ourselves with. We must deal with what is in front of us in the most loving and constructive way possible giving no quarter to anything that seeks to derail the truth of our Creator’s essential nature, that is the uncontaminated and free flowing power of unconditional love.

A: OK, will work on that, feel somewhat silly.

R: Not at all, love, it is a challenging time.

A: Thanks, Richard.

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