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Robert F. Kennedy: Some Perspective

I wish could be alive in your time.

Ann: Bobby?

Senator Kennedy: Yes. Smiling. Did you think I was a ghost?

Ann: Just felt your presence, have seen you pop up several times lately, can’t really bring back the times, just occurred to me you had something to say.

Bobby: Yes, indeed, you have been rather hard to reach lately. I wish could be alive in your time because now is the time humans can really tip the scales toward openness, fair play and a god-given world. Very much like the sixties, radical change is upon us and is being fought to a draw at every turn.

Rest assured it will not be denied. Many have been ensnared in fantasy to avoid looking at the hard truths of human culpability, for here we stand today, little cocks crowing on our dunghills not realizing that the earth is shifting under our feet.

I have say to say that in some ways I have to count my son among them. A good man, a visionary, a tortured soul with a tormented past, he has given in to the easy solution of black and white thinking. Take a line and stick to it no matter the wealth of evidence to the contrary just to avoid the agony of not have a definitive answer to the ills of the world.

His motives, however, are genuine, which is more than you can say for the pack of thieves that seek to turn our democracy into their private casino where the decks are all stacked and the bank only benefits the house.

But as others have told you, the light is beginning to shine upon their shenanigans. Soon only the most deluded and those who have the most to gain will be able to deny the corruption that engulfs them.

I always hated the saying, “It’s always darkest before the dawn,” because, when it’s that dark, you can’t even conceive of dawn, but so it is in your world today. It may get darker still as the foul underbelly of the beast is exposed in excruciating detail, but then it will be past denial.

We will simply have to choose. Do we want to maintain our messy democracy, restructure it so that a level playing field is finally a reality, or do we want to cast our lot with those who promise the old guard minority the exclusive rights of an oligarchy as the bedrock of a fascist regime?

Look to Russia to see how those who took the lazy way are faring now. They are reaping the whirlwind, and it is not over by a long shot. The democratic forces opposing them will have much to bear to resist the lure of corruption, and the example of these choices stands starkly before all of us now.

We have an old king, an old warrior who sees the choices clearly, who understand the pressures that everyone is facing, and who carries within his soul the wisdom to bring closure to these eternally warring forces.

Have some faith, play the game as hard as you can, and put a smile on your faces because we have God on our side. Each one of us must open our hearts to that reality and make our own choices accordingly.

June 24, 2023

Free Image Credit: Wikipedia Images.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes.

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Jun 27, 2023

So beautifully said as always. His wisdom is evident in every sentence. Also - such an insightful perspective on his son. Thanks Ann!


Jun 25, 2023

This is heartening, surely.

Though at this juncture, I am not truly convinced - rather, hopeful.

We endure....

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