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Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Coming Out From Under

It will take time, but the signs are all there.

Ann: Justice Ginsburg?*

Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Yes, Ann, again I wanted to step up to remind each of you that this is a time in which matters will have to get worse before a better resolution is reached. I believe many have come to this site to indicate the same, and in light of the brazen takeover by anti-democratic forces of one of our two political parties, it is perhaps timely for this little reminder.

What we are going through is exposure to the light of day of the baser motivations of those in government service, those for whom service is not the primary goal nor even a distant memory. It will take time for this exposure to permeate the voting public, for the seeds of distrust have been sown, and there is no generally acknowledged source of truthful information.

Indeed, every such source has been systematically undermined, the press, our government, our morals, our means of communication, our religious institutions, our military, our place in the world, and now even our medical and scientific communities. Only the complete exposure of those who have orchestrated this comprehensive disinformation campaign will serve to right our ship of state.

John McCain: And that, my friends, is what is coming to a government near you!

Justice Ginsburg (smiling): Now, John, I am speaking, you have had your say.

John McCain: Sure enough, Ruthie, my apologies, just wanted to say right on, Mrs. Justice!

Justice Ginsburg: Thank you, John, for your vote of confidence. I believe I can take it from here.

We were talking about letting the light of exposure and truth shine on every facet of our government. That is the only solution and that, in spite of all appearances to the contrary, is what is happening - aided and abetted, I might add, by the self-defeating actions of those whose very existence depends on the proliferation of lies and the cover-up of their unseemly, not to mention criminal, activities.

First, results of investigations will emerge with trickle here and there and then a veritable flood. These will reveal a long-standing pattern of illegal and possibly treasonous activities. These investigations will be disparaged as tools of the leftist mafia by those whose crimes are being disclosed. Pay no attention. Continue to follow events as they unfold, as they reveal one element after the other of a concerted plan to wrest this country from the hands of the voters.

Those voters who have enabled this process will resist as if their very existence is threatened - which many in good faith believe it to be. But gradually, gradually some will be forced to see that government can be part of solutions for a changing world and that those to whom trust was given were, in fact, shysters and con men all along.

This is not an easy thing to accept, particularly by people proud of their own heritage and independence. Some will never accept the truth. But when the very scions of their own party and religious institutions are first indicted for various forms of criminal breach of trust and abuse of power and then convicted by courts staffed with their own constituents, many will be forced to face up to the betrayal of the standards of simple decency that still hold sway among many. Then, then we will begin to reverse course.

Now as we are seeing a few prominent members of the party now co-opted by the perpetrators stand up, almost alone, to proclaim the truth, we are looking at the beginning of the end of one ofIt will take time, but the signs are all there. the most serious challenges this country has ever faced.

There will be many other challenges and disagreements going forward, but now we must focus on the primary challenge of our time: Will we the people of this country be allowed to govern ourselves or will we allow a takeover of government functions by those who would offer only lip service to the great principles on which our democracy is based?

We are only beginning to live up to these great principles but that nascent effort has flushed out of hiding those whose interests and lifestyles cannot survive in an open society. With light now shining strongly on our past failures and the overt and shameless corruption of the moment, we have a real chance to change course. I and others in my present location will be doing our best to facilitate same.

May 13, 2021

*Referred by Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab. Anita can be contacted for purchase of obtaining the recipe for her protection spray or readings at

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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