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Ruth Bader Ginsburg: Opinions v. Lies

"There is room for differences of opinions.

There is no room for lies promoting the self-satisfaction

of the power hungry."

Ann: Justice Ginsburg? Anita* said you have something to say here.

Justice Ginsburg: Yes. Thank you for allowing me to access your platform. As it turns out, today is the perfect day for our connection, for the first of November following the cleansing of the Full Blue Moon is the beginning of our trek up a new mountain. The uproars and outrages will continue, but you may notice that the energy behind them does not have quite the power that it did. There has been exposure on so many fronts that the truth is beginning to be revealed in a way that short circuits denial.

Take Dr. Fauci, for example, a truth teller if ever there was one. He has been pilloried and slandered, and still his beacon shines, his truth undeniable because he has no ax to grind other than the public welfare, many of whom comprise that group decry his power. He is the essence of “Do good to those who despitefully use you.”

Ann: I think that last was my phrase not yours.

Justice Ginsburg: Yes, it is but leave it in, I quite like it. It will apply on many levels now as we start to dig ourselves out of the trough in which our self-seeking leaders and our own complacence have left us. And not just our leaders, for many more feel that they have been given permission to do act out and will despitefully use any who hinder their agenda. As a result, any who stand up now will be shot at - literally and/or figuratively. Nevertheless, now is the time to stand.

The Court upon which I served will be undergoing a major transformation as more is revealed about those who are now serving. What was brushed over in the past will no longer be tolerated, for if it is, the Court will lose all legitimacy.

Ann: What else?

Justice Ginsburg: Call me Ruth, we are contemporaries in our age and our missions.

Ann: Doesn’t feel right, you are older and definitely wiser.

Justice Ginsburg: No, just clearer in my vision. I have always been able to see through to the truth of a matter and to recognize that there may be truths other than mine.

Going back to Dr Fauci, though he clearly has his view and knows the actual consequences of actions, there are other opinions that can be respected even if one does not concur.

For example, one could believe that it is best to let the virus run its course, kill as many people as it needs to kill, thin out the population, particularly the most vulnerable among us, until it runs its course. Such an opinion is based upon the actual consequences of retreating from any efforts to contain or mitigate the harmful effects of the virus, believing, in my opinion erroneously, that it is better to take our medicine at one time rather than stringing the horror out for years and years.

As I said, not my opinion, but one based on demonstrable facts and circumstances and actual cause and effect. However, it would not be legitimate, in my opinion, to say that the virus does not exist except in a few highly populated areas, that it is mild and of no consequence and should therefore be ignored.

This argument is based on fantasy and lies and should be addressed by examining its premises which will then obviate the need for reaching the question of whether or not such an opinion has merit.

Ann: Sorry for the interuption, that was Anita calling.

Justice Ginsburg: Yes, so I gathered. I’m afraid I have been a bit persistent with her, but, you know, it never pays to sit down when you have something to say. The two of you are embracing persistence which is a good thing as it is needed in this world as much or more so than it was in my day. With your good graces, I shall continue on here.

Ann: I would be honored. You were saying?

Justice Ginsburg: Yes, The legitimacy of differing opinions versus trickery and outright lies.

It is to be hoped that the Court will not succumb to the latter. I have great faith in most of my brethren, but have concerns that one or two may be beholden in one way or another and thus have their opinions influenced and or held hostage by those to whom they are obligated. They need not let this happen, and I hope that they may find the strength to persevere.

That word again.

It will be up to the country to discern the difference between legitimately held opinions based on precedent and legal interpretation and those conclusions which have no basis in our legal tradition however one may choose to interpret it.

I asked for access to space here to speak out about these concerns and to encourage discernment, not knee jerk, “It’s my side or yours,” but genuine discernment. There is room for differences of opinions. There is no room for lies promoting the self-satisfaction of the power hungry.

I hope that each of you will keep this distinction in mind and perhaps discuss it with your families, friends, and acquaintances because it is the foundation for our moving forward in a democratic society.

Ann: My apologies, Justice Ginsburg, I hope I got this down correctly. I don’t have a naturally logical mind, had to work very hard to make legal arguments.

Justice Ginsburg: Not to worry, you have me.

Ann: Right, ok, so I do. Thanks.

Justice Ginsburg: Not at all, we all bring what we have to the table.

November 1, 2020

*Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab.**Anita can be contacted for purchase of obtaining the recipe for her protection spray or readings at

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Jane Basehoar
Jane Basehoar

We REALLY needed this affirmation about Dr Fauci with the taunts at rallies that he will be fired if 45 gets 4 more years. I have a feeling the “one or two beholden” are Kavanaugh and Barrett and have heard Sterling and Linda G mention their removal under Biden. Thank you RBG and Ann for sharing your spiritual gifts and confirmations from the other side on a week that will be filled with chaos when the election is over.



Thanks to all for the comments, you guys keep me going. Definitely feel that the veil is thinner now, messages are just pouring in. And thanks for the tip re the pearls, I am on it and will tell everyone I know!



There is movement afoot to honor Justice Ginsburg on November 3rd—-people are going to wear their pearls. (Many men will as well!) Hope you all will join me as we appreciate her talent for discernment and her incredible legacy. 😘



I am thankful that Justice Ginsberg has mastered the means of communication so quickly as we are in such need of her wisdom. Thank you, Ann & Anita! On another subject, i have wondered if the veil is truly thinner on this day (and if so, why this day historically?)

Love and light to you!



Thank you for sharing this. Hearing RGB’s voice at this moment in time is soothing. I wonder if she would share her view of Justice Kennedy’s departure, and the facts around it, as some psychic readers feel he was pushed out (veiled threats, perhaps). Or is that question too much?

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