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Ruth Bader Ginsburg: The System Is Working

With calmness and considered action,

a responsible society will re-emerge.

Ann: Hello, Justice Ginsburg, welcome back to the blog.

Justice Ginsburg: Hello, Ann, I appreciate your welcome. I have taken up a fair amount of your time lately. The next few weeks are going to be challenging for all of you, but not, I want to assure you, destabilizing, which is the message I bring with me today. In spite of the somewhat chilling actions of some of those in government and the slightly hysterical reactions of the media, progress is being made.

What you are seeing at the moment is the political animal following the path of least resistance to whatever seems to offer him - and her, I regret to say – the quickest route to re-election. This is not new, nor is the ignorance of our elected representatives regarding the wellbeing of their constituents. They move mountains to stay in office but pay less attention to real service.

This is one of the necessary pitfalls of democracy because of the two year turn around in the House of Representatives. One would have hoped for more from the Senate, but we must note that they have not offered full-fledged revolt but have simply tried to hedge their bets with their constituents.

Note that there is no action threatened or contemplated within either body which would actually challenge the outcome of the election, an election the accuracy of which is not in question. And, again recall that bipartisan courts have stood firm.

Taken together, I think our democracy has done pretty well in difficult times. We have processed a populist movement originating in legitimate grievances from people whose livelihoods have been disenfranchised by corporate greed. They saw as their savior one who actually perpetuated that system, but he was not returned to power, and now others will have a chance to offer their solutions.

Now comes the sifting out process between elections where ideas and solutions offered to the electorate will go through a course of trial an error. In the process, light will be shown on a variety of governmental functions as more people begin to see how their lives have been impacted by the failures of a careless administration and what might be offered instead.

The contrast will be marked. Democracy, like almost everything else in our world, has its ups and downs. We have survived the recent downturn, not by a little but a lot. Lies and deceptions were not allowed to prevail; they were held in check by a judicial system where there are consequences to such actions.

I believe you will see a solidification and expansion of these standards as we gradually move out of this transition phase into a more fruitful time. Allegations and accusations will make their way through the exigencies of the court system where the rules of evidence control. Those that do not meet those standards will be dismissed and thereby discredited. Those that have a valid basis in law will be pursued to their legal and logical conclusions.

We have a legal system designed to sift out truth and falsehood, rumor from fact, and allegations from actual behavior. It is not a perfect system and patience will be required to see it through, but the process is fundamentally sound and remains intact today.

If you keep your eyes on actual developments rather than threats and hype, I think you will find that, with calmness and considered action, a responsible society will re-emerge.

January 3, 2021

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Amy David
Amy David
Jan 06, 2021

I don’t worry any more. I have learned from Ann’s blog that all is okay and we don’t need to worry. If hadn’t found this blog, I would be worrying. It has changed me that much. Thank you, Ann. I get messages of truth here.


Jan 04, 2021

Justice Ginsburg THANK YOU! you have no idea how calming your words are in these last few weeks of insanity and almost outright treason. Scary doesn't even being to cover what has been going on not just since the election but the last 4 years. To read your assurance that all will be okay and to look past these next few weeks and know that his reign of terror is almost over and once again our flag may proudly wave. God bless you for coming on here and giving Ann these messages you both are absolutely treasured.

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