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Ruth Bader Ginsburg: We Have Survived A Crisis

God bless Amanda Gorman.

Ann: Justice Ginsburg, I have the feeling that you are setting aside your own needs to help us through a rough patch.

Justice Ginsburg: (Smiling) Well, that depends upon how you define my needs. When I transitioned, I was, you might say, surprisingly, surprised. I had determined to last until the next administration because I knew how much was riding upon the Court in upcoming decisions. By that I mean that I knew how many people could be helped or adversely affected by the Court’s direction.

However, I miscalculated, or to be more precise, I was in error in thinking the determination of the timing of my transition was in my own hands. A rookie mistake, really, which is embarrassing because I am not a rookie. I have been around this block, that is, the human incarnation/reincarnation merry-go-round, many times. Nevertheless, my ego blinded me to the limitations of my role.

Almost immediately upon transition, I was allowed to offer the assistance that I had hoped to provide while living to ease the passage of what I knew was going to be a turbulent and challenging time. I did not do so lightly, and I was instructed closely to be sure that any return I made or messages I managed to transmit were not powered from my leftover ego-based persona, but instead provided perspective and calming energy in a time when competing energies could easily blind well-meaning souls to their own success and turn an political disruption into a conflagration.

I do not exaggerate. We have dodged a very big bullet, but dodge it we have. Now with perseverance and diligence, we have the opportunity of laying bare the ugly underpinnings of those who took the steps towards demolition of this country’s rule of law.

I came back, as I come now, for the purpose of shedding light upon this unfolding process and encouraging those of you who are rightly horrified and surprised that our system of laws could be so vulnerable to attack. It is that wakeup call that I want to leave with you. We have survived a crisis. Now we must shore up the cracks in its foundation.

Ann: Justice Ginsburg, how are you feeling? What would you have been doing without moving into crisis intervention mode?

Justice Ginsburg: Ann, as many have told you, the transition is different for everyone. For me, it was a mixed blessing because, while I yearned to be reunited with my loved ones, with my soul mate for whom I was in anguished loneliness to the bottom of my soul when he predeceased me, I also felt the conflict associated with the job that I had left undone, (prematurely by my calculations), and my commitment to the society that has struggled valiantly to stay on an ascending spiral of human rights.

We do not always do the right thing, but the overall trajectory has been towards expansion. That I did not want to see recede, and therefore put some of my reunions, some of the rest and learning that awaits me on hold. It is not that these are completely unavailable to me just that my attention was allowed to be divided.

In due course I will find myself whole and reunited with my Creator and soul companions to work on my further growth and expansion - as indeed all of us here are privileged to do.

Ann: Is the same true for others that have come here so recently after their transitions?

Justice Ginsburg: You would have to ask them for the particulars, but in general, yes. It takes a high degree of focus, energy, and commitment to make a U turn right after passing. What fuels such an arduous endeavour is the love of those we have left behind who are in the dark as to the bones and pedal tone of energy that guides the planet at this time and, indeed, throughout history.

We come to tell you that you are going in the right direction, that there will be downturns, but that you have survived a crisis and lived to fight on in the service of the expanding the light and love of our Creator.

I come back to express that love to all who will tune in. Nothing else would have provided the motivation to resist the strong pull of the higher frequencies, the lighter atmosphere, and the unconditional love that envelops us at all times on this side of the veil.

We who come back will not always be with you. Some of us will leave and then come back again, some will just leave. I cannot tell you the particulars because I do not know even as regards my own soul’s journey.

I just know that, for myself, my lifelong commitment to justice and equality could not be forsaken at heaven’s door when those I left behind continued to struggle in the dark. I will be here with you, through the channel you and others provide, to meet that commitment as best I can for as long as I am needed.

Received January 4, 2021, posted January 23, 2021

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Jan 26, 2021

I feel truly lucky and so blessed, Ann, that we are able to partake in this education of transition from all your wonderful, giving, guest speakers and fellow brothers and sisters. I was momentarily saddened and actually cried to hear that when you are drawn more into the light and away from coming here, as your lessons and development expands, that we may no longer hear from you, as we have all built up such a special connection relationship. But then I remembered that it is not a finite cut off, as we all become more of the one consciousness, and part of one big Orb, of returning to and strengthening Source even more, that they, we, will be a…


BJ Stewart
BJ Stewart
Jan 24, 2021

Thank you Ruth and Ann, with Mr. T making more threats and noise we can use all the support from Ruth's side that can be given. Thank you Ruth for all you did before and continue to do now.


Amy David
Amy David
Jan 24, 2021

I just read that she actually said this on January 4. I thought maybe she just couldn’t “live” without us and came back so soon. i Love her messages. Hope you are having fun in heaven with Marty! Maybe Freddie Mercury, Montserrat Caballe or George Michael is singing for her. Wouldnt that be quite the concert?

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