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Ruth Bader Ginsburg: What She Knows Now

We are asked to prepare for an awakening, not to demand it,

but simply to be open should it be offered.

Ann: Justice Ginsburg?

Justice Ginsburg: Yes, Ann. I come to speak to you on a more personal front as I feel we, you, your readers, and I, have made a connection and will not object to my putting myself forward in this manner.

You have recently broken through a significant barrier. It was not until Marty’s death that the porous nature of the veil between worlds made itself so completely known to me. You are experiencing that now.

Many find it frightening which is why some seminal event or a gradually building momentum must take place in order for us to fully receive the understanding that we are not alone and that we are responsible for carrying out out a holy mission, each one different from the next but none more significant than the other.

If you can allow yourself to receive this knowledge with a quiet heart, then the nature of your mission upon incarnation will be revealed. When you do so, you will look back over your life to date and find a clear pattern, perhaps even a dedicated journey which you undertook without memory or vision. Many of you have already begun to do so, and, if you continue along this path, more and more will be revealed of your place in this world and beyond.

You may feel as if the boundaries of your skull are vibrating and are not completely solid. You cannot force this moment or its gradually unfolding process, but you can prepare. You can make yourself available, and then you can be willing to receive when it comes to you.

Listen to your life events. Look around you and try to discern patterns, yes for yourself, but also for the evolution of the planet and all the beings who reside thereupon.

I was blessed in seeing my mission early, and with almost tunnel vision I pursued it, facilitated on every level by events both positive negative. Not everyone has that early vision, and I did not until old age recognize some of its ramifications.

Perhaps you have a pretty good idea of why you are here or perhaps not. In either case, simply keep moving gently as seems right to you, keeping your ear out for tiny adjustments that may be offered, for it is in the little nudges, and “coincidences" that we come to see our worlds and our roles therein with completely different eyes.

We are asked to prepare for an awakening, not to demand it, but simply to be open should it be offered. If that awakening is in this world or the next, it is no matter as long as we live in accordance with the truth of those perceptions even if they remain for a time beyond the clarity of our vision. Sometimes, their shadows, their vibrations, and the coincidences that surround them are enough to light our paths.

Continue your journeys with prayer and respect, and your angels and guides will not let you down. And as always, I remain available.

February 21, 2021

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Feb 24, 2021

Yes, don't know what is in the air tonite, ;), but really felt the words of Justice Ruth, and Pete flow through with ease. It must be the work we are all doing with Anne and all these wonderful souls as teachers, sure feels good.


Karen Grace
Karen Grace
Feb 22, 2021

WOW...just wow!


Amy David
Amy David
Feb 22, 2021

So beautiful. I just can’t get over how wonderful it is to read these blogs.

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