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St. Catherine: Body and Soul

We can be in both worlds at once and can make the trip back and forth with instantaneous speed once we are willing to start the journey.

Ann: Hi Cathy, Anita* said you have come by several times. Sorry that I can’t seem to feel your presence directly.

St. Catherine: Hello Ann. Actually you’re getting a bit better at it, but you have to be looking and actively listening for us to catch your ear. Instead you compartmentalize in the hope of keeping your life on an even keel, that is on a keel where, for the most part, you are not obviously hearing voices which would make people in your vicinity think you are crazy.

I also heard voices, but I wanted to hear nothing else. I wanted the service of Christ to consume my entire life. I only felt alive when I was in the presence of the numinous and barely took a breath or a bite of earthly sustenance so great was my commitment to Holy Communion. No wonder I barely made it to my thirty-third birthday.

You are I represent two different ends of the spectrum and what we need is balance which is perhaps why we have gotten together in this way. I am coming to you now out of my own need to learn a little of that compartmentalization so that I can return to the planet for a more balanced life. You have much to teach me in that regard.

Ann: Not really, Cathy, I avoid living almost as much as you did. Well, I do feed myself very well, but I am not comfortable with my body and don’t take very good care of it.

St. Catherine: Yet at the same time, you also shrink from an all-enveloping immersion in spirit which keeps you in a kind of never-never land. I believe I can help you there.

Ann: Go for it.

St. Catherine: Spiritual surrender is not to be feared, Ann. It will make everything else you do have meaning and, though I could not see it at the time, the great resource of Spirit is that it welcomes and celebrates the body and all of its senses at the same time that it lifts us up to reunion with our Creator.

What I have to offer you is the confidence that letting the numinous sweep you away will not prevent you from returning to your regular life, and, au contraire, will imbue that life with light and meaning you would never have seen otherwise.

Both of us need to learn to go back and forth more easily between these worlds until we can exist peacefully in both wherever we may reside at a particular moment.

I was afraid to give any credence or quarter to my mortal body, for, in my mind, a spiritual being could not have such. And that is true on the other side, but when a spiritual being crosses the veil onto this planet, they by definition have a body to deal with, to love, to respect and to cherish just as they honour their spiritual origins and developing soul.

This dance between body and soul is what keeps us humble, what allows us to be a friend, a mother, father, sister, bother and even lover, the last being the most difficult because there is a going and coming, and, as with all profound earthy or celestial matters, the abandonment of control is required.

You and I have been reluctant to give up that illusory control. But when we finally give in to that reality, not in surrender but embracing the experiences of both worlds, we will really begin to be alive because when we block the one, we block the other also.

I believe you are coming to see this, loving the body as the soul, the father as the mother, the light as the dark, because each has their role to play in teaching us about union with our Creator and the evolving mulitverse.

We can be in both worlds at once, and can make the trip back and forth with instantaneous speed once we are willing to start the journey.

Tell you what, you come and visit me, and I will return the favour and then we will compare notes.

Ann: Sounds like a plan. I have no idea how that will work, but who am I to say no to such a lovely invitation....

February 25, 2021

*Referred by Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab. Anita can be contacted for purchase of obtaining the recipe for her protection spray or for spiritual or past life readings at

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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