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St. Francis of Assisi

Open your eyes to the miracle of wisdom

from the lilies of the fields and birds of the air.

The energies that nourish these creatures can do the same for you.

This morning I pulled a rune to help guide my day. The rune was Hagalaz, ᚺ, which some have interpreted to mean hail or destruction but which Edred Thorrson describes as icy protection of the seed of regeneration or "Ongoing evolution within a fixed framework,"

except that I typed “evolution” as “revelation.” I was confused.

Ann: Would someone be kind enough to talk to me about this?

Response (Merlin?): This is indeed a revealing “mistake,” revelation being in fact a critical part of evolution.

You are finding that the times in which you find yourself are pushing you to press the boundaries of your usual mental and psychic abilities. As you do so, you may come unexpectedly upon revelation, a beautiful starburst explosion which illuminates heretofore hidden corners of your soul.

Take the time to search these corners, shine a light there, and see what beauty appears. There is gold in the dross of difficult times, and radiant flowers sometimes sprout in the most barren environments.

I have been lurking in the background of your life on many occasions. You have always been attracted to me, to my way of life, to my understanding, and to the apparently unquenchable light that shines through my image even to this day.

Ann: Who are you? Not Merlin.... St. Francis?*

St. Francis: Yes – though confusion with my friend Merlin is natural as both of us drew our strength, our sustenance, and our faith from the natural world. Merlin was said to deal in magic as was Christ our Lord but each of these – and others whose eyes were opened to the miracle of wisdom from the lilies of the fields and birds of the air – simply allowed the energies that created and nourished these creatures to do the same for their human brethren.

You have wondered how I could leave my father, repudiate him in the public square, and go off on a ministry which was at least ridiculed and more commonly reviled. I say to each and every one of you, blessed be the children of God whose welfare is found in the least of the loved ones created by Source.

Even today this is considered a radical concept. Surely, we think, we must tend to the matters of this world to assure our safety and wellbeing? And yet I am the living example of the concept that less is more, that all is found within surrender to the sacred Mother. She is our source, and we, if we will allow it, are her disciples.

I am not suggesting that each of you spend half the year in a cave as I chose to do, and yet, the concept is applicable. When you allow the details of modern life to crowd out your time with Source, you starve yourselves of Divine nourishment.

It takes courage, discipline, and vision, to see our essence in the higher vibrations surrounding us. Time alone, time in nature, time with animals, gardens, crops, and flowers reveal energies that flow like holy water to lift our souls up to resonate with the Great Creative Force.

Somedays this precious time may be only a moment, other times a longer stretch may be claimed for nourishment in the love that is offered from the Holy One. Whether brief or extended, dear ones, make the time. Accept the light that yearns to enter your psyche and feed your soul. Come and drink at the fountain which never runs dry, and you will taste eternal life.

Each in their own way can find the path to this Fountain. Then when you have drunk your fill, return to the material world replenished bringing nourishment enough for all. Periods of retreat are an essential for spiritual ascension in a world whose heavier vibrations tend to lower our vision until we cannot see beyond the tips of our toes – and that is no way to chart a course through this life!

Lift your eyes my children, give thanks for the grass, the bees, animals, trees, and produce that keep you fed and well nourished in body and soul. You will find that your path evolves before you without direction on your part, and you will rejoice to be travelling on God’s highway.

June 19, 2022

St. Francis of Assisi. *"Among the most beloved saints in the Catholic tradition, Francis of Assisi (c. 1181–1226) is popularly remembered for his dedication to poverty, his love of animals and nature, and his desire to follow perfectly the teachings and example of Christ." From the Amazon forward to St. Francis of Assisi: A New Biography by Augustine Thompson which delves deeper in to the life of the saint and the man using modern historical research methods.

Free Image Credit: Wikimedia Images, St Francis of Assisi, painting by Małgorzata Wrochna.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only

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3 commentaires

03 juil. 2022

What a beautiful way to start each day! As simple gesture leads us to our day's journey, as part of our life journey. ;)


Carol Baum
Carol Baum
29 juin 2022

All who love animals are alright with me! Pope Francis chose St. Francis of Assisi as his namesake the man of poverty, the man of peace, the man who loves and protects creation.”


Marylee Losardo
Marylee Losardo
20 juin 2022

I love St Francis so. I pray to him so often for my pets.

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