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The Arcturians: A Time Of Change, A Time Of Opportunity

All of us, not just the beings on planet earth,

have a stake in the resolution of oppositional energy build up.

The Arcturians: We are in a time of change. From the outside in and the inside out, everything is being rearranged, and thus we find our compatriots on the planet engulfed in struggles.

What to do? Submit or resist? Step out or burrow in? Reach out or close access? It is a time where everything comes to the fore. Matters heretofore hanging in the balance now refuse to be pushed to the side or under the rug. Now is the time we all deal. Or not. The choice is ours.

We come to you today to offer our perspective on this time of radical transformation in the hope that you will find relief from blind trauma by viewing your situation from the wider lense that we can offer. We come because we too see the critical mass that is gathering on the horizon.

All of us, not just the beings on planet earth, have a stake in the resolution of this oppositional energy build up. We are all affected by the enormous energy waves emanating from Planet Earth and threatening its stabilization. The destabilization of earth is the destabilization of the solar system, its galaxy, and the galaxies beyond.

Change is eternal, yes, but radical unprotected explosions of dark energy threaten us all so we and others have gathered to protect and assist those of you on the front lines.

This may seem pretty dire, but in fact we have come to tell you to take heart, to understand that you are not alone in this battle of dark against light. It is not that we want to assist you to defeat the dark. Instead we want to assist you to putting it in balance with light, in its proper function as catalyst and innovator. These are its roles. We ask that you visualize all that comes upon you through this perspective.

We have your back in this endeavour, and you will not fail in the long run however dark the prospects may seem from one or more moments in time. Time itself will cease to exist once you have cleared the earth’s atmosphere and the resolution of all opposing forces will more easily come together into an expanding whole. This is just a time we must get through together.

We therefore bring you a message of hope and assistance, but it will take all of us to bring to bear a peaceful resolution of the current energy buildup. Let us then work together. Start from the inside out, balance your own innerverse, then take that wisdom out into your communities and then into the cosmos. We are all in this together.

We are the Arcturians and we are pleased to bring you this message.

February 16, 2022

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only

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