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The Arcturians: The Longer Arc


Ann: Would one of you speak with me?  It’s getting hard to stay optimistic.


The Arcturians: Yes.  We are the Arcturians, and we are pleased to connect with you. 

We have intruded upon your consciousness lately for the very reason you describe.  You and many of your compatriots feel yourselves to be emotionally at somewhat of a standstill, trying to swim out of your troubled state, but finding that you encounter currents more persistent than any you have met to date.

          And you are right.  The momentum toward chaos and darkness has picked up steam, and, somewhat like a black hole, is attempting to drag down everything within range.

          And yet you and many others still reach out.  You may be discouraged but you have not given up. You have soldiered on, trying to inject light into each and every crevice that gives you opportunity.

          We have seen this pattern before many times, yet you, with the tunnel vision of the finite human experience, are restricted to one space and time.

This where we can help.  Whether or not you believe in the reality of extraterrestrials like ourselves, you must acknowledge that the breadth, depth, and scope of the universe is beyond your comprehension, or indeed the comprehension of any human mind. 

In short, you know you don’t know, but nevertheless you have allowed yourselves to draw the direst conclusions from the apparent world slide toward despotic rule.  You see how easy it is to slip into such a situation and how difficult it would be to turn back the tide.

          This is where we ask you to remember the vastness of the universe and, indeed, the many universes beyond.  We repeat, you do not know what you do not know. 

You therefore have the choice to take on faith that all is not moving toward a catastrophic end.  Look for those who continue to lift the course of human evolution, those who see, not necessarily the arc of creation, though some may, but into the human heart, the heart that longs for love, acceptance, adventure, and evolution.  In short, the heart that looks around the next corner because even the midst of a lot of manure, there is always a pony somewhere.

          We have been around the block for millions of years, and we can assure you that there is light in this darkness.  Your faith, your adherence to that faith in the midst of adversity, is in itself a causative act.  What you see, what you expect to see, creates the space for what is realized on the human spectrum.     

We ask you to keep that faith, find the light in the many corners of your life where laughter and love lie in wait hoping for recognition. 

As humans, you are naturally shortsighted, but we are not, and we have come to assure you that all will be well.

We are the Arcturians and we have enjoyed connecting with you.

March 1, 2024

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.  


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Mar 04

I love the analogy of the manure and the pony! I think that as empaths, spiritual connectors etc. , we know and understand that life here WILL get better - yet we are also human. Sometimes vulnerable, sometimes fearful and apprehensive. That's just human nature. So when messages like this, from the wonderful Arcturians, come through, it gives us something we can all understand: Hope. Thank you Ann and thank you Arcturians. 🌈💜👽

Mar 04
Replying to

Georgie, my dear and treasured friend, never ceases to amaze, enlighten and grace me with her friendship.

Ann, you, too, would adore her.


Mar 02

It's the strangest thing......I continue to feel oddly connected to the Arcturians, even to the point of conversing with them.

I can't help but wonder if they are aware and listening.....

Life on this planet is SO dense, exhausting, frustrating, vapid - observing humankind evolve at a glacial pace is ever so disconcerting.

Indeed it is essential to be reminded of the messages the Arcturians share.

Nicely done, Ann.



Mar 02

Boy, did I need this today! Sometimes, even having faith, I feel sucked down into the mud! Love-Light to the Arcturians, and to Ann who listens and shares!


Mar 02

Thank you. It is easy to feel the weight of sorrow at all the problems of the world. Between the economic hardship, the elections, climate change weather disasters, and the Middle East genocide, there is little time to take a breath between each crisis. Your message today let me see that the glimmer of lights I see are real, not imaginary hope.

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