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The Forgotten Ones: Princess Diana

Diana: Thank you for agreeing to speak with me, I know it isn’t easy for you. You fear to be the celebrity channel to the stars, but that is not why I contacted you. I am well and learning many things, this is not about me. I have come to speak to you of the children who are forgotten in the midst of the existential crisis that has engulfed the world. So many doors are closed that those whose temperaments and journeys have led them to dark places and who, because of the retrenchment of oversight functions in society, have had and are having unfettered access to these children of light, and these children are bearing the torment of these souls for the rest of us. They need our help.

Ann: Diana, what are you asking us to do?

Diana: Shine the light, ask the newspapers so assiduous in tracing down fodder for the tabloids, to find out where these children are held. Some are in their own homes but many are in institutions which now have no supervision, accountability, or parental or family access. Some of these are the institutions where children who have transgressed are held. Yet they are still children.

Michelle Obama has them within her sights. Her charities are guided by her inclinations and her empathy which allow her to feel the hurt and to seek to empower these forgotten souls. I ask that you and your readers support her in her endeavours, for the focus of society is elsewhere now and yet these young souls are losing what small opportunities that have previously had to come out into the light and realize the sanctity of their own beings.

There are others in my country doing this work, but you do not know their names, and my light is not strong enough to get these names to you. Others may know. For the moment look into Michelle’s work and take it from there. Time is of the essence here to forestall grievous harm.

April 23 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Marylee Losardo
Marylee Losardo
27 Nis 2020

THIS I can do! Thank you Ann and Princess Diana💜🙏💜

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