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Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Ann: Would one of you talk to me about dying before you die?

Richard: Yes, Richard here. People always say you have to die before you can live, but I don’t see it that way. One of my life lessons was that grabbing as a philosophy of life was severely limited in its efficacy. Such was my hunger, however, that I led with my voracious appetite in every sphere of activity. It was not that I did not care for my fellows, for I did and had more empathy that I have been credited with, it was that I could not get out of my own way when my instincts, my psyche, and my background made me reach for more at every opportunity.

Ann: What would have stopped it?

Richard: You know, I have asked myself that many times. I think now from this perspective that using that voracious appetite in the service of others would have been the only way, but I had not the spiritual foundation nor the ego strength to do so.

But you are not asking for an analysis of my shortcomings as it were. You want to know how to transform your own life. How to die so that you can live.

I wish I had the clear answer for you, my dear, but what I do see is your relentless pursuit of the gifts of access that you have only recently expanded to make available to others through the blog and readings. You still see the grabby little person at your center that says, “Ok, I will go so far and no farther because I want to be sure there is enough left over for me.”

And yet, you are not entirely wrong, love, in holding on to this view, so I would encourage you to go a little easier on yourself. Your ego strength and your perception of Spirit as immediate in your life both need to be strengthened in order for you to pursue a life devoted to extending Spirit’s message. This may sound contradictory, but it is not, for humans must have ego strength to hold their human lives together in order to function in this world. Otherwise you become a blob magnet for every exploiter that crosses your path - and by exploiter I include the dark energy that got past your guard yesterday.

So rather than taking to the streets when you are not prepared for the battle, I would suggest that you put your time and energy into creating a practice that can withstand the negative forces you are bound to encounter – from simple intruders who want to take up your time and energy to feed their own unconscious needs to those who want to steal a part of your soul.

Balance, love, is key as we have noted before. Where is the use of a transformation that breaks the vessel? You do very well to move with all deliberate speed, pushing outward against your fears and then consolidating your gains. Today should be devoted to the latter. Yesterday you threw a glove down on your blog re defeating darkness. Well and good. Now is the time to build up your inner defenses so that you can make good on that challenge, for, do not deceive yourself, that was what it was, and darkness can never resist a challenge.

Ann: Suggestions?

Richard: Oh yes. Practice. Ritualize your defenses. Shore up your center with your guides and angels. Give thanks constantly for your family, your animals, your friends, and your surroundings, the support of each being critical to the task. Appreciation and gratitude provide the foundation of real ego strength because these are your direct lines to your Creator, the giver of life and the means to sustain and expand your holy awareness of the inter-connectedness of all beings.

It is time to regroup, take stock, to reconfigure, to open to your own wisdom. It is there for each one of us. Let your guides help you to do this, for that is what any guide worth his or her salt does. What we seek lies within us.

July 8, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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