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Why Hasn't God Fixed It?

Ann: Richard, I always come back to you when I hit a wall. I don’t really know where to take the blog or any entries thereon, sort of feel like everybody has said what they need to say, and everything stays the same anyway.

Richard: Ah Madame, you have come to the right place. If there was ever a soul who could not keep his mouth shut, it is I, and so I am delighted to fill in any blank spots in your program. For that is what it is, my dear. You have a serial program in which one episode follows another, sometimes seemingly unrelated but often connected, even when it takes a while for the connections to surface.

For example, you have had requests from more that one person, yourself included, who is exasperated, to put no higher point on it, by the dilatory nature of Spirit's assistance in cleaning up this planet. It’s that old saw, “If God is good, He is not God. If God is God, He is not good.” Many of the esteemed spirits on your blog have responded to this question in one form or another,but I would add one more....

Ann: Sorry, Richard, bumping you for Andrew Cuomo’s daily briefing.

Richard: Never let it be said that I refused to share the stage with an esteemed colleague. We can learn a lot from Mr. Cuomo. He has been knocked around a lot in his life and has come to grips with the fact that there are no guarantees. He has had to learn the hard way that an over weening conceit cannot just push through cosmic consciousness and make things happen as he would like. But in the process he has learned how to work, work hard, and never give up. So he makes mistakes, he just gets up and has at it again. In that there is a lesson for all of us.

So I would say to each of you who know how this planet can be saved, who died and made you God? You know what God should do to clear this mess up? Really? Then why haven’t you done it? People, this is not (just) up to God. He or She needs your help. This is a partnership of the highest order.

Get creative, don’t dodge or put it off on someone else. This is a person by person effort. Did you do what you could do? If so, then rest easy, the powers that be will have been amplified by your efforts. Are you guaranteed a result? Of course not. Free will has a dark side as all of us have noticed.

But do not be dismayed, for this planet, this race of crazy schizophrenic humans has a hometown advantage if we will just reach for it. Source, Great Spirit, Buddha, Allah, Arcturians, and others have all mobilized to support whatever efforts we ourselves put forward to save ourselves and this planet as we turn our heads and hearts toward the Lord. That is their role, they are the back-up team, we are the front lines.

This planet and the human race that inhabits it was not set up as a Stepford Wife project. Freedom and creativity were the tools we were given to make something of this place. Now we see what happens when we let the forces of self-indulgence and greed hold sway, and we must each take steps to counter that trend. No effort is too small or too insignificant. Fatigue will set in, yes, and sometimes despair, but we must get up and push forward again.

Beneficial results are not assured but neither is disaster. We must do what we can to make the difference.

May 4, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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