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William Shakespeare: Bending Time

The next time you feel gentle fingers brush your cheek

or a steady hand at your shoulder,

give thanks for your extended and expanding family.

Ann: Richard, Anita* says William Shakespeare wants to have a word here. Seriously? Seriously?

Richard Burton: Now Ann, have a little faith. Will has been around the block more than once as you might have surmised and is coming here for a little update.

Ann: Richard, I cannot possibly transcribe his language.

Richard: Not to worry, love, you can’t transcribe my Welsh expressions either so the mountains have come to Mohammed and will thus speak so that you can hear.


William Shakespeare: And salutations, Richard, to you and your little friend who has so graciously consented to allow us space to express some of our more pressing concerns.

I want to talk to you and your readers about time. Never did I think to be on this side of the veil with tentacles reaching into this time and that place over the many curves of gravitational pull. But so it is.

Actually, so it ever was, for all that I wrote did not come out of one mind, one heart, and one blessed lifetime, but many lives lived in countless incarnations coming through me and, truth to tell, some through others which. through one mishap or another, gathered my name on their title pages.

What I am saying or trying to say is that we bend time and space in our higher incarnations after we pass and sometimes even on earth, and we have help doing so. So it was with me. So it is with all of us, yourself included when you pass, but also on the planet.

I would imagine that many of you can come up with some experience that felt out of time and space, which seemed so real as to touch the senses with ghostly fingers. Shivers running down the spine, an odd fragrance in the air, a touch, a word, a whisper.

These are your own time travelled moments, moments when you touch that which is real for you in times past, present, and future, when you know what you do not know, when your touch what has no form, and when you breathe air that does not surround you.

Do not shy away. These are the precious gifts of a lifetime. Much of the work that I did came through such moments, in parables, in places, and in paschal gatherings that I in my simple life as a lowly scribe could never have brought forth.

I was an unusually porous human being. In those times I felt transparent, so insubstantial in my tangible form that it could reach around corners unseen by earthly vision and untouched by mortal hands. I stood on the shoulders of heavenly spirits that came to speak of the futility of jealousy, revenge, and rage, to remind us that it serves us naught to follow these false prophets out to the end of our days.

What came through me were the words of the true bards who understood, who had served and suffered, who had erred and fallen, and yet who moved on from that small model of the barren earth which serves as paste and cover to their bones to join the infinity of souls that comprise some portion of each and every one of us.

We are all in this together. You hear that trite slogan all the time, but stop now and hear it anew. Then the next time you feel gentle fingers brush your cheek or a steady hand at your shoulder, give thanks for your extended and expanding family.

For just a moment and give it its cosmic meaning and feel yourself a part of that glorious, monumental clan. Do us proud now. Honour your ancestors, your roots, your progeny, and your angels by being who you are and what you want to become.

Ann: Richard, aren’t you kind of struck dumb by him?

Richard: Love, think about it.

Ann: Can you reincarnate part of one spirit, part of another?

Richard: You’re getting warm, but not quite there. We reincarnate emphasizing one or more aspects of our character, of our soul’s journey. With some we travel hand in hand more than once or twice. With some we are bound.

Ann: Richard, sometimes I really scare myself.

Richard: Well, of course, love, we all do.

April 12, 2021

*Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab. Anita can be contacted for purchase of obtaining the recipe for her protection spray or readings at

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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