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An Offer From Richard Burton

Ann: Hello Richard, do I understand that you have something to say to our friends here?

Richard Burton: Indeed I do, my dear. I want to let your readers know that your humble servant stands ready to asset in any spiritual journey in which they think my presence would be salutary.

A: Translated, you mean you would be happy to talk to them? And can you tone down the rhetoric just a bit?

R: Yes, of course, but many have forgotten the glorious sound and cadences of the English language when properly explored as evidenced by some of the finest writers of yesteryear such as Shakespeare and Dylan Thomas become a means of communication without parallel....

A: Yes, true, but was this what you wanted to discuss?

R: Ah, I digress, a conversation for another day.

As you know my purpose in our association has not been only for your own elucidation – and mine – but to begin, to the best of my poor abilities, to open the door between this world and the next. For that is all it is, my friends, just a door and a porous one at that. Just a tiny crack will let an enormous array of light into your world. I myself made a complete hash of my life in so many ways but never did I completely deny the light even in my darkest hours and am relieved to live in its embrace on this side of the view.

As I think Madame can tell you, I am not easily shocked so you need not fear disparagement or condemnation. I live now to offer my perspective to those of you still in mortal form. Death is not the end of “living.” What we have left undone on earth we will be working on in our new location wherever that may be. My transition was not seamless as I had dug myself into a pretty good sized hole before I left. It has taken work and much love from all that I have met here to help put me back on my intended path. You, dear friends, do not have to go down into that pit – or at least not alone as it would be my honor to assist you in whatever way you desire.

Perhaps I am not the guide for you. Perhaps there are others for you that hover nearby, and these will be the ones with whom you will most easily connect. If you would like to work with me, you will get an idea of what I have to offer from Ann’s book. I have to concur when she says that if she can do this anyone can because a more stubborn, skeptical and difficult woman…

A: Richard…

R: Oh yes, love, just reflecting up the ups and downs of our association for the benefit of our dear friends here who no doubt get my point. The format of each intuitive association is unique to each individual. David and Anita, for example, have taken our connection in completely different directions which are more suited to their style of communication than that which Ann employs. Each in their own way has used our association for individual own benefit, to be sure, but also for the benefit of those around them with whom they interact with on a daily basis as well as those who contact them for their intuitive abilities.

Dear friends, each of you has the ability to channel, to hear or see, to scent or simply sense the presence of your angels and guides. If I can be or help to you in any way to heighten these abilities, please don’t hesitate to call on me. You can do so directly or Ann, Anita, or Dave, I am sure, will be happy to help you get started. Many of you are already skilled in the art of intuitive contact and perhaps have no need of my services, but I remain available should you desire another point of view. We are all in this together and, as Harriet Tubman has told us, we must amass our army of light so that darkness has no chance to prevail.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Ganga Ks Page
Ganga Ks Page
Nov 11, 2019

Definitely sounds like Burton. Sounds like he is definitely making

progress on the other side. He had such wonderful cadence and speech.


Nov 08, 2019

Since I first read about Richard's offer of assistance, I took it, and him, seriously . So...hopefully, he is hearing, listening. Thank you, Ann, for these bits of hope during some very dark times. And thank you, Richard, for extending your efforts to help. I am calling upon you as I write this.


Nov 06, 2019

Ok I admit that I swooned a little bit when I read the title "An Offer From Richard Burton" and I don't know many who wouldn't want his help or advice on anything or everything and go a tad weak in the knees just at the thought.


Nov 06, 2019

I Love what Richard said about the glorious sound and cadences of the English language. I like the fact he admits he was not perfect During his previous lifetime. It makes me feel more at ease and it makes spiritual growth seem more accessible. Gives me hope. And, Ann shows us how conversations with Spirit can be easy, like a conversation on the earth plane.🌻

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