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Archangel Raphael Talks About Angels

I have been wondering about angels, and, lo and behold, Archangel Raphael appears. Not so long ago I didn't know there was an Archangel Raphael, but I have learned that he is a healer and a helper.

Archangel Raphael: Hello, Ann.

Ann: Wow. Hello. I get the impression you are quite large. I hear a deep, rather slow voice with a smile behind it because you know you amaze me when you appear.

Archangel Raphael: I do enjoy that effect, I have to admit. What is it you want to know?

Ann: I want to know about angels. What are they? Animal, vegetable, mineral, ether, imagination, or alien?

Archangel Raphael: (Smiling) I do believe you left out a category or two. We are spirits of ancient origin over many traditions and dimensions. We appear in various formats according to the lore and culture of a particular spiritual tradition. But the answer to the real question you are asking is not about form, it is about reality, essence, and connection.

Yes, we are real, as real as nose on your face and just as close. You can think of us as “Those who have been around.” For indeed we have, millennium after millennium after millennium. And with that ancient history we bring knowledge of the expanding nature of creation, the generative power of love as the central creative force, and the confidence and comfort that our history and experience have taught us.

We are varied in form and shape. I, as you have noticed, am a larger angel, with the wings and robes of the Christian tradition since that provides familiarity to most of you. Underneath that image is, yes, a broad based energy, wide in scope and gentle in aspect.

I am a healer and serve as such on many fronts. LIke myself, your friends in spirit can be distinguished, not particularly by image, though that is convenient as Richard has so ably demonstrated, but by our various energy shapes, all of which are in fact evolving , that which we have become through ages.

We can seem overwhelming and, indeed, often have to throttle back in order not to overwhelm you. Some of you have experienced our power firsthand. It can force you to your knees, cause momentary blindness, or even a temporary lapse in situational awareness. Sometimes we come in carefully titrated doses until gradually you find yourself on a first name basis with us as you go through your daily life.

We come for various purposes. Sometimes revelatory with experiences which are life changing, stay with you, and inspire your trust and fidelity to the spiritual path in your particular life. Sometimes we are steady as she goes, friends for good time and those that cannot be recognized as such upon first acquaintance.

For example, I hear you wondering, Ann, why you seem to come and go on your spiritual path, why your “progress” is in fits and starts, forward then retreating, sometimes for significant periods of time.

This, as Richard has told you, is your particular mechanism, not to be denigrated as lack of commitment or perseverance, but to be celebrated as a means of keeping your earthly vibration on a steady yet upward spiral with times of revelation and inspiration alternating with times of incubation and rest. More and more, even while resting, you are attuned and listening, receiving the joy that is your birthright.

Each of you has a unique path to spirit to the joy that comes with recognition of yourself as an infinite spirit. In fact, many if not most of you are healing. You see more now, you judge less, you still fall short and quibble about various life trials, yet you have not checked out and are beginning to offer respect and appreciation to the spiritual essence that gamely agreed to play your part in the human experience.

This is the essence of our Creator’s love, respect for each individual's journey and assistance offered every step of the way.

Just ask your angels if you get in a bind, we will be there in a flash!

April 2, 2023

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes.

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3 bình luận

03 thg 4, 2023

Hi Ann, Glad to know that I am not the only one whose spiritual journey is in "fits and starts". And that it is okay. Sometimes I even feel guilty for not staying conscious and present for long periods. Archangel Raphael totally understands this and actually has a good word to say about it. I love this message. Am going to try to bring her into my life more frequently. This message really resonated with me.

Thank you, Ann and Archangel Raphael. ❤️


02 thg 4, 2023


So timely, relevant, poignant and succint. As we incarnate as a human, frustrating and annoying as it is, the "fits and starts" are in no way "negative"; in fact, I truly wish those on YouTube et al, professing to be psychic, channelers, mediums, etc.,banish the words "positive" and "negative" from their judgemental vocabularies.

We're already evolving at a glacial pace. Stop the hypocrisy and judgemental vocabulary now; in no way is it of value.

If we are truly souls of no hierarchy,then perhaps editng ones vocabulary ,, judgement and hypocrisy might be of value, merit and worth.

Emotions are imperative, of essential importance in this earthly incarnation. Joy, anger, bliss, angry righteousness, etc., all propel humankind forward.

02 thg 4, 2023
Phản hồi lại

Beautiful, Laurie, Thank you.

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