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Burton And McCain On This Crisis

Ann: Hi Richard, I kinda took the day off today, cleaning house, laundry, cooking, farm chores. It was really nice just focusing on what was in front of me. Now I read that Trump has no intention of abiding by the oversight provisions in the new bailout, and so assume that, once again, it’s going into his pocket one way or the other,. Would like to say that I could take this in stride, but when you see his approval numbers go up while he is stealing, it’s hard to take.

Richard Burton: Oh yes, love, raping, pillaging, and plundering the landscape has always been the time-honoured tradition of the conqueror, and that’s just what he thinks he is.

Yes, John, I see you jumping up and down, but she called on me, and I will have my say.

Where was I? Oh yes, deploring the historic and entirely consistent pattern of the powerful grinding those on the bottom under their well-shod heels. Are you really surprised?

Ann: Yes, and no. Somehow I thought the Congress might be able to hold him in check with some form of oversight, but since he doesn’t have any intention of following the law, why would this be different?

Richard: No, love, you thought you had a government of laws. The pity of it is that you never have though it has been a gallant effort. Just ask the Welsh who were ground into dust by the British war machine. And it is true the world over.

Ann: And the remedy?

Richard: Ah yes, the remedy. That would be in the angle at which you cast your vision. My recommendation would be first up and then in. This planet is and always was an experiment, so far failed, in seeing if the offspring of the Divine could remember our roots even when denied specific memories of our parentage.

Some of us have, and it has come often at great cost when everything material has been taken away and only the Holy Spirit is left. Christ said correctly that it is more difficult for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven that for a camel to pass through he eye of a needle. Well, there are going to be a lot less camels after this plague has run its course. Many will be leveled and, like Richard II, start to understand who they are, who we all are, and therein lies the “remedy.”

OK, John, over to you.

Ann: Sorry, John gotta check in with Rachel Maddow interviewing Nancy Pelosi on TV.

John McCain: You do that and give her my best and tell her to have at ‘em.


Ann: OK, John, she seems to be doing that.

John: Yeah, she always did. Always liked the old girl though we rarely came down on the same side of the fence. And she’s got the right idea here. You never stop fighting. They go one way, you cut 'em off at the pass. They ask for this, you give it to ‘em with a big dollop of that thrown in.

Now, I don’t have the eloquence of my friend Richard, and I see things a little differently. It doesn’t have to be the same ole thing over and over if you will fight to make a difference. Oh, I don’t mean make an enemy of the other folks, just keep showing em who you are and why it is critical to defend this country from enemies within and without. Those who want to grab power do not have a corner on this nation’s government, and they must be blocked at every turn before they manage to take it. We have a good chance now to change this pattern because, as Richard said, there's gonna be too many people hurting – and hopefully voting - who see the need for someone other than these rich thieves to run the show.

And that’s’ what they will see when the particulars of this new bill come to light. Wait till you see how Trump’s businesses get the lion’s share one way or another through this dummy corporation and that straw man. People, even some of his people, are gonna get fed up.

So, Richard, it doesn’t have to be the same, now we have the chance to make a change. It won’t be quick, my friends, but it can happen if we keep our eye on the ball and on those thieves in Washington who think their…...

Sorry, Ann, I guess you don’t like that kinda language here, but in this case the shoe sure fits...

Ann: Have to agree, John. Thanks, guys.

March 27, 2020

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