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Coming Unstuck: Cummings and Tubman

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Stuck. In a rut. Inertia. Whatever you call it, it's when it's hard to get yourself off the dime, and, it seems to lead to darkness. Wherever I am, I seem to prefer to stay. If I'm channeling, can't get myself to move into earth functioning mode. If I'm functioning, channeling seems like a distant dream. Recently Elijah Cummings and Harriet Tubman provided the metaphorical kick in the pants to get me up and moving. Which I did. Then had trouble coming back here. Go figure. No doubt it will all come out in the wash....

December 3, 2019

Elijah Cummings: You need a job.

Ann: Do I understand that you want to say something?

EC: I certainly do, Ann. I feel even from this distance the despair in your soul which you know is the primary tool that the darkness employs to defeat or attempt defeat the light. I ask you to revise your way of life so that your days are not unstructured as to allow these creeping schisms to enter you energy field. It is so important for us to celebrate the life we have been given, celebrate the rising of the sun and the setting of the moon.

I would like to see you develop some better practices so that your defenses are not so susceptible to heavier spirits. You need more connection with people outside the home. I know you are reluctant to make commitments to take away your freedom after so many years of the reverse, but, if what you commit to has real importance, you will want to move because to let down a person or a cause that needs you is unthinkable.

How do you think I managed my last months of life? I had a cause greater than myself and that is where I put my attention, there. and on the beautiful people that surrounded me, particularly the young men and women in the Congress, the aids, and those who worked to keep the lights on. What had I to complain about when these people so steadfastly carried on the fight, who somehow found more courage to continue the struggle when in my presence? It was a joy, I tell you, and a privilege to be around them.

Ann, you need a job. Go find one.

Harriet Tubman: Scrubbing out your pot.

Ann: Auntie, I think I hear you saying something about scrubbing out our pots?

HT: Sho do, honey. You gots to get to scrubbing yo own pot. We all do. It ain’t that it's so dirty, and it has been losing some its baked on grime in the last several years, but you still need to find how hard work can lift you up, not pull you down. You gots a bad case of the don’t-wanna-movitis, and the only cure for that is to git on up and move. It’s all very well to sit here an talk to me and Elijah and Richard and all us folks that can’t really bother yo little world, but now it’s time to take us with you when you out there.

I don’t care what it be, just so’s you doin' somthin’ for someone else. You start with that lil’ dog of yourn and take yo’self over to that nice group of folks who could purely use your help. Don’t know how till you ask, so go on and ask. I believe they’ll have something for you to do. Then you become a part of the groups that believes like you do and loves like you do, and you'll move with a firmer step and a lighter heart. Go on now. You don’t’ have nothin’ to lose.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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