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Harriet Tubman: What You Need is Right In Front of You

Feeling a little lost, got some help from someone who knows a thing or two about keepin' on keepin' on.

Ann: Auntie, thanks for stopping by, I needed to hear from you.

Harriet Tubman: I knows you did. Chile, you ain’t any different from anybody else, doin' the best you can, fallin’ short, getting’ up, and tryin’ again.

I ain’t held no beef with them white folks that did the same and now lotsa white folk seein’ more and more of what it was like for us black folk, and I don’t have any doubt that lotsa those who is now willing to see was once one of us in some form or another.

Well, here’s the kicker. I was once one of you, not here on this continent but in Persia, in high up society, and there I had the upper hand even though I was a woman - and I didn’t use that upper hand all that well.

I don’t say that my recent life as a slave was a punishment because that’s not how it works, but it was a learning experience. And it’s why I have a broader view now having seen things from such a different perspective. It makes you tolerant because it makes you understand.

Each of you are given the life you have now to allow you to uncover some of those perspectives while you on the planet this time around. Lots of people are in your same boat now as the planet is coming to realization and change, and it don’t come easy.

Some were born in wealth and never understood that privilege is not inborn. Some born in strife and poverty cain't see that privilege is not the answer. Once the light dawns from whatever corner that's needed, then they wonder about all the things they ain’t done to make up for what they was given by the accident of birth one way or t'other.

And that’s how we learn. We open ourselves to hearing, to listening, to givin' out our love in bigger and bigger circles. What we know now, we didn’t know before. That’s the way of things. What we do now that we do know what we didn’t know is to keep looking for more of that knowledge.

Open your life to what it is giving you, in knowledge, in experience, in love, and in humanity. Everyone has all of this at they fingertips no matter they circumstances. What you need is right in front of you.

So dive in, look deeper, love wider, and you will find yo’self climbing a ladder to Heaven.

February 18, 2023

Free Image Credit: Pixabay.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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