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Coping, Part Three: Harriet Tubman...And John McCain

Harriet Tubman let me know she had something to say about coping, but before she could get going, John McCain horned in.

Ann: Good morning, Auntie, do I understand correctly that you have something for the blog.

John McCain: You bet your sweet ass I do.

Ann: John, is that you? Your name is not Auntie.

Harriet Tubman: No, it ain’t, John, and you can have your say after I have mine. These folks who read this blog is lookin' for certainty, for salvation, for a hero to come along and make it right. Cain't blame em, I'd'a taken one of those in my day if’n I coulda found 'em. Mr. Lincoln, he did the best he could and that was more’n anybody else did, but he was just one man tryin' to do the next right think as you folks say nowadays. Still, he made a big difference. Doncha wish some of them lost souls in the Senate would take a leaf out his book?

But they ain’t a gonna to do it, so it is left to the rest of us to be our own saviors. Yeah, the ship may be goin' down, but it’ll come back up one of these days, and we sho' want to be one of the folks ridin’ on the bow. So quit yo’ belly-achin’, and git on out there to make some miracle of yo' own. When they lie, you tell the truth, when they shuck and jive you stand up straight, when they sell their souls so’s they can keep what they has, you go out and give yours away. That’s how we gonna beat this mess.

OK, John, I done said my piece, what’s yours?

John McCain: I can’t beat that, Auntie. I just want to say that you gotta keep fighting. You don’t know how it will turn out in the long run, but you know whether your soul stood up on the right side of courage. I know these jokers who are calling themselves Senators and "representatives of the people" when that’s the last thing they’re doing. You won’t change them, they have made their bed, but we still live in some sort of a democracy however injured it might be. This is the thing to concentrate on now. If you can work on that, do it. If you can give money to stop the gerrymandering and vote suppression, do that. If you can march or write, do that. If you have an in with God, pray. If you don’t, pray anyway. The point is, for God’s sake, do something. We are not mortally wounded yet. Don’t let it happen.

January 25, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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