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Do We Choose to Incarnate?

Anita:* If as souls, we choose when we return and all the specifics that go with that and we return to grow, or paying off a debt (karma), if we have the gift of sight and “see” a possible path, are we able to turn this around?

Ann: Richard, would you be so kind as to discuss this with us?

Richard Burton: Yes, of course. Returning is a choice but not always a choice we endorse once it is put into practice. Many of us incarnated have not done so before, sometimes we are from other dimensions. Others have come from other experiences in this world.

The former really have no idea what they are getting into, first of all the heaviness of the atmosphere is almost suffocating. Many have respiratory problems or vulnerabilities. Many are almost reclusive and often become writers, researchers, academics, scientists and the like. These people have a higher than average suicide rate because they are almost physically allergic to the earth plane’s vibrations.

So yes they choose to come into human form, usually out of, dare I say, heroic but misguided ideas of providing help to those of us who have forgotten our mission, but they do not always understand the cost. Further, because they too are subject to the veil of forgetfulness, without unparalleled effort and focus they cannot grasp their purpose in being in such a conflicted and violent space.

However, those who persevere and battle on provide islands of light for the rest of us whether they directly interact in our earthly processes or not. These folks embody spiritual source light, and that is enough. So choice is theirs initially, but they are affected and possibly changed by circumstances and, conversely, if they can stay the course, they will affect and change the circumstances that surround them.

For others, that is, the vast majority of us, incarnation is a choice we have made many times but not always one entered into with gay abandon. These souls know from experience what is involved. Some are eager to dive back into the fray and do better next time. Some know they have to make some changes in the way they lived in a previous life or lives. Some come back to build up their confidence and their stamina after a particularly challenging life with unresolved trauma.

But no matter the reason, once the round of life death and rebirth is started, there is only one way off the wheel as many great seers have told us. We all strive to be enlightened, that is, free from the bounds of early desire and attachment that holds us down in the patterns we are attempting to break.

I will not mention in detail, but you should be aware that there are those entities that come just for the purpose of raising holy hell. The bad seed is not just a theatrical concept. I will not give rent room here to these spirits other than to say that they must be identified and sent on their way at every possible opportunity, and this is the mission that extra-terrestrial and highly evolved souls gathered here in force in this time have come to do.

But what Anita really wants to know is whether we can change the course of history. Of course we can, but it is far more complicated than we in our limited three-dimensional understanding can comprehend because there are alternate realities and alternate ways of working these matters out. There are not, however, as our dear leader seems to think, alternate truths.

The one truth is the force of light and love that fuels the universe and created this planet. It is not, therefore, ordained that darkness will prevail and light shall be snuffed out in this world. I don’t think there is even a concept that would be able to encompass such a situation because the light is too strong, too omnipresent. But it can be dimmed for a considerable period of time, and there are forces working to make this happen.

We can, if we will, prevent this darkness from gaining the upper hand. Although it will never completely disappear, it can be recognized and to a large extent incorporated into enlightened beings’ personas to become a vehicle for compassion and understanding of the human dilemma. As long as the core darkness is banished, the world will find its way.

What we see around us is the myriad ways in which this process is working. Karma is not a crime and punishment concept. It is the natural evolution of cause and effect which can be steered in one direction of another by choice. I will note that when we choose the light, though we have many powerful helpers both there and from other realms, we had better be prepared to bring our courage to the party, for the human experiment is not for the faint of heart.

If we lift our eyes, raise our hearts and our vibrations, we will find the army of light workers at our backs and the realm of divine possibilities for this earth endless. So feel the circle of light vibrate, as Denise said in her powerful presentation,** down to the ground and up to the heavens. Join forces with those on either side of you. Let the circle pulse, stronger and stronger and say with her over and over, louder and louder, “Truth and justice will prevail.” If we commit, if we do not falter, if we fight the battle against darkness that rages in our own hearts, we will not fail.

December 27, 2019

*Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under Resources tab.

**Denise Siegel, YouTube video on December 26, 2019 on her channel.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Dec 28, 2019

One of the best explanations of reincarnation I’ve ever read. Thank you!


Carin Robinson
Carin Robinson
Dec 28, 2019

just beautiful

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