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Harriet Tubman: Doing Nothing

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

Doing nothing.

Now you wouldn’t think Harriet Tubman who led a life of unparalleled action and courage would have much good to say about sitting around doing nothing, but as I’m surfing the net with a vacant mind, this is what I heard from Auntie.

All that doin’ nothing quieted down yo’ soul so’s you could hear again.”

“You thinkin’ you ain’t done nothin’ sittin there, readin’, listenin’ to yo’ music and thinkin’ ‘bout the little problems you got. But, chile, you a’sittin there a’thinking ‘bout the Lord, whether you knows it or not. Oh, you ain’t a’doin’ it out loud, but alls the while you readin’ this or that and goin’ from one thing to t’other, yo’ soul is knittin’ together pieces of love and compassion for yourself and others so that when this little stretch is done, you can hear and see more of what God has in store for you.

Now you don’t think you doin’ anything worthwhile cause you ain’t workin’ or writin’ down what us helpers want to say to you. I know you been puttin’ us off. But heah you are, ain’t you, baby, right where I want you? All that doin’ nothing quieted down yo’ soul so’s that you could hear me. Too many distractions for you folks today. In my day we just worked – evah minute of evah day, but in that sameness, whiles that work was getting’ done, our souls were knittin’ too, and that how we put together the mission to free our peoples.

Lots of folks think we just freed the black folks, but freedom don’t have no color, honey. Freedom comes at a price evah one of us must pay. And that price is faithfulness to the Lord in all that we are, good and bad, holy and mean. When we bring it, and I mean all of that good and bad, to the Lord, then we start to hear what the Lord be sayin’. That what you a’doin when you take the time out’n yo’ day to just sit where you are, happy and sad, bound and free. And it’s the truth, chile, that will set all of us free, so don’t you even think about comin’ to the Lord with anything else. He loves you for totin’ it all into His presence, and that’s how we gonna be healed. Then’s the time you can go out and tell peoples what you hear – after you do a little bit more of nothin’.”

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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