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Harriet Tubman: The Assault On The Capital

I have hope that this time

we gonna move down the road into a new day.

Ann: Auntie?

Auntie: You bet. Evathing old is new again. Can’t believe it took us this far to wake up to what is still happening in this county. Yes, we seen progress. Yes, we come a long way but the root cause of the evil ain’t never been uprooted.

And that cause is in the heart of everyone who don’t look at what they got and wonder why someone else ain’t got as much. Now I knows I sounds like one of them communists, and I ain’t a meaning to do that cause the last thing I want is another Massa looking over my shoulder.

But this country say it founded on an equal playin’ field. Now evabody knows that ain’t so, but just to say the words means something. Something to hold us to account, something to make us think ‘bout what creates a level playin’ field. And that would be education, health care, connection to our spiritual roots however they may be for each one of us.

Then we takes our talents and use what we got. And if some folks don’t want to work, want to use other folks to create an advantage fo’ theyselves, then that level playin’ field gonna dump that slacker on his ass.

It’s gonna take us a while to get to that notion of heaven, but we gots a chance now to level it out just a bit more than we have befo'. I have hope that this time we gonna move down the road into a new day.

If evabody do they part, we will get there this time or as close as makes no nevahmind.

Whatchu doin’ to make it happen?

January 7, 2021

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