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Harriet Tubman: What Helps

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

December 18, 2019

I heard Auntie last night trying to tell me what helps, but I couldn’t stay awake. Then I heard her again this afternoon and started writing, but my son called with a problem so I stopped, kind of frantic that I might lose her, but she said, “Go on, you gots to take care of your baby boy.” (He’s 45.) And sure enough, she was there when I came back, just like she said.

"Don’t let yourself forget that that star is still up there shining,

even though some folk have lost sight of it."

Ann: Auntie, I heard you last night telling me what helps in a time when it feels like the pillars of our society are crumbling and bad people are winning. And worse yet, those we thought would hold fast are giving way. Is there something that would help?

Harriet Tubman: They sho is, honey. All’s you gotta do is keep yo eyes on that north star, that star that led them wise men to that little bitty baby that didn’t look like much, that was squalling and fussin’ and freezin’ in that stable but for that mama that kept him close. That’s the star that leads us out. We cain’t tell where it’s goin’. It may take us into some rough parts of town, but if we keep on following, it will take us out'en that part of town, and, you know, all them good folks who’ve been scratchin’ and scrapin’ are gonna come on out with us, a’singin’ and a’dancin’ and a'celebratin’ the light that comes from that star.

That star that is the light of god that reminds who we are and why we do what we do. Plenty of peoples gone through dark times. Don’t let yourself forget that that star is still up there shining, even though some folk have lost sight of it. It’s for us to remember, to keep seein’ and to keep sayin’ all that we know ‘bout the love of Jesus, Jesus that was poor and persecuted, beaten and slaved but who’s shining in that light about us now, who walks with us when we can’t see the light and shows us the way.

We gots to keep the faith, children. Nothin’ has changed because some old fat man has bullied a lot of sheep into walking right behind him over a cliff . Long as we don’t follow, long as we keep our eyes on that star, we be alright. It’s the inside that counts first, ‘cause without that you don’t have nothing. Pretty soon that inside light shines out and them silly old sheep will be trying to climb back up that cliff so they can get warm again. Jes keep the light, come talk to your ole auntie, and you be alright.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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