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Jack is Back

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Anita* and I separately felt President Kennedy's presence. I know nothing beyond the ordinary about him. If the conversation below does not resonate with you, please just move on. This is not an exact science.

Ann: Mr. President, do I understand that you wanted to speak to me?

John F. Kennedy: Jack, Please, I am working on reforming the error of my ways.

A: How’s it going?

JFK: About as you would expect for someone so unskilled at the craft.

A: It feels weird to call you Jack.

JFK: Well, I guess we will both have to become accustomed as I am trying to take Fred Roger’s words to heart, that is, “there is no hierarchy in souls.”

Ann: And yet you come from a life of power and influence and probably wouldn’t be coming here unless you had something to say which derives from that life. And no one would want to hear you otherwise.

JFK: Well, it’s natural that you would think so and of course I am using my “office” to get your attention. But what I am asking you to report on from my side of the veil is that the life we live now is minuscule in comparison to the lives we have all lived. Many times I died as an infant, came in with spinal, heart, or brain issues. This time too. I did not have a robust constitution, and my body suffered constantly from pain and medical treatment. That alone, if nothing else, gave me some sort of empathy for my fellows. But serving in the military where there is plenty of hierarchy taught me that it all evaporates when your back is to the wall, and only your fellow soldiers can make the difference in your life and death.

A: And your point is?

JFK: God, you sound like my 7th grade teacher.

A: Sorry. I didn’t care for mine either.

JFK: Oh, I liked mine fine, she just would not let me take any shortcuts, and I was master of those as my real calling was goofing off and causing trouble. But back to my point. From this perspective I would like to say that none of us can remotely guess why we came to serve in the roles in which we find ourselves. You just cannot see even a tiny fraction of the big picture.

A: Why were you here?

JFK: I came to atone.

A: Didn’t look much like from the press reports.

JFK: No, I was all that they said and more, crude, lazy, entitled and spoiled. But I had within me that propulsion of which Martin spoke. Here on his day I want to verify his statement with my own.

Inside that pretty useless young man was an understanding of service, however much I tried to avoid it. With my older brother’s death, my father flung me into the political game, but my service in the navy was what made me think that I might have a mission after all, and that mission was to convert our self-serving institutions into serving, if not all, at least a greater percentage of the population, specifically by pursuing civil rights.

Bobby’s role was inspiration and implementation. I was the public face and kept to some extent to the outside of the heroes and heroines who marched and prayed and moved mountains by sacrificing themselves to the cause of civil rights.

But I am still pushing that agenda. Yes, I still use the tools that functioned well for me in that life time and that’s where you pick up the arrogance and entitlement overtones in my speech, but the agenda is otherwise.

The perils of climate change that have afflicted the planet so far are the beginnings of a revolution in which the values of the downtrodden will finally have a chance to be brought to the forefront. For as you can see, the governments of the world cannot cope with massive disasters, nor are they so inclined. As long their nests and nest eggs are not threatened, they barely lift a finger to help - just so many less people to feed, clothe, and survive to turn against them.

What they do not realize is that the tide has already turned. There may be war, revolution, and bloodshed, but the day is coming where my class will not be allowed to continue its corrupt and self-serving ways.

A: Jack, this is all very well but it isn’t happening.

JFK: It is. You just cannot see it yet. There will be hue and cry and even those who looked to authoritarian figures for leadership and survival will see the corrupt center of their saviors.

A: When?

JFK: Not long.

A: Yeah, I’ve heard that before. It doesn’t mean much in earth time.

JFK: Years not decades. Suffering first. Nothing else will serve.

A: So?

JFK: So looking to protect only your own will not be the way. The way will be to aid the afflicted because everyone will be afflicted. There will be no difference between us and our neighbors, and that will be our salvation.

A: This sounds like Armageddon.

JFK: It does, doesn’t it? Well there’s a reason for that. The time of revelation is coming.

A: I thought we were going to have a nice little chat, and here you are the voice of doom.

JFK: Not at all. I am the voice of those who were beginning to turn in my day, who saw, however dimly, that the way of the present society would not long serve. The Peace Corps, NASA, and other initiatives were my feeble efforts to steer the country into some sort of world-wide community.

A: Jack, the world is too big for us to see it as a community. I can only deal with my family and so many friends if I am really committed to them as I don’t have heart, time, or energy for more. How can we feel that the world is a community?

JFK: Because it is becoming clear that each person affects the other. One little kindness reverberates around the world, and cruelty does the same. Once that become clear, actions will change.

I say this now because I see the despair. I can see now the whole as it begins to shape itself into another paradigm. Be a part of it. In Martin’s name, in Gandhi’s tradition, reach out and be a part of it.

January 20, 2020

*Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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