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President Kennedy on Life Force: Another Way to Evaluate the Candidates

"There is no such thing as short term gain.

Real gain is passion and hope and acceptance

and unqualified love for all those who endure earthly struggles."

Ann: President Kennedy, Anita says you have something you want to say on the blog.

President Kennedy: Indeed I do, Ann. I watch those of you struggle for food, for light, for humor to carry you through the gathering darkness of our political and ecological landscape, and I want to add my two cents from the perspective of the several years I have had since my sojourn on earth.

At first when I transitioned I could not believe that I was “dead.” "Dead" to me meant, at best, blackness, nada, a long expanse of nothingness or, at worst and more likely, an unending stretch in hell where I was made to pay for my many sins.

Neither is anywhere near the truth. “Dead” is really alive in a different sphere, and as I watch those of you still on the earth plane, I want to shout to you to live as if you would be living forever for indeed that is what will happen.

There is no such thing as short term gain. Real gain is passion and hope and acceptance and unqualified love for all those who endure earthly struggles. I don’t care if you have wealth, heath, or happiness or all of their counterparts, the battle for the long run is the same.

I struggled and still do to accept what I did and did not do while on the planet. I come here to ask those of you still in that struggle to see if you can project your energy outward, upward, and onward. See if you can feel your reality beyond the heavy atmosphere that keeps your eyes focused on the ground under your feet.

Feel the push from the ground up as you concentrate on the projection of your energy upwards. Feel the energy come through the central column of your body and project it outward. In this state you can see who you are and what is asked of you. If you can hold this for a few seconds, then longer and then longer, you will begin to know yourself as you are.

Picture a puppy being launched through the kitchen door out onto the driveway and landing in a confused heap in a puddle of muck. That is how I felt when I died. The acclimatization was difficult as I had not had time and did not take the time to prepare. If I had just tried the little exercise above, I might have hit the ground here running, so to speak, and it would not have taken me this long to begin my journey of reconciliation and understanding.

As you look at the presidential candidates, try to see the arc of energy in their energy bodies. It may have colors, it may be strong or weak, it may have a fiercely focused direction or no direction, i.e. consciousness. at all.

For example, Joe Biden’s energy is arcing out without impediment. His transition will be seamless much as it was for Elijah Cummings.

Bernie Sanders’s energy is fierce but contained within his body, much like mine was except that his is focused on external change in the here and now, and that energy is gathering for its final push on this planet. I am not suggesting his early death as that final push could be years or moments in the making, merely observing where his arc of life energy is concentrated.

Pete Buttigieg’s arc of energy is somewhat unconnected to the earth. It is clear and bright, reaching upward and outward but not yet fully grounded in life experience.

Mike Bloomberg’s energy arc is a spiral which constantly alternates between upward and downward movement. It creates energy, but its direction is trapped in its own column.

And so forth.

I bring this to your attention to help you discern both for yourselves and others where we are on this earthly journey. Each person’s individual energy combines with others to create the whole, and so I urge you to mind your own core motivation and direction and to project your life column outward so as to lend perspective and direction to your time on the planet. If I had done so more successfully, I might have had more time and a greater positive effect, for my energy column was fierce in its force but undisciplined in its direction.

I offer this perspective to each of you for your consideration and with my blessing.

February 26, 2020

*Anita Sacco. See "Recommended Channelers" under "Resources" tab.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Feb 29, 2020

Julie, I think you and Jennifer are on to something. He can be rather imperious, at least once gave me the feeling that Anita and I were here to serve without checking with us first - after all, that's what women do, you know. So I had to call him on it, don't remember if I posted that interaction. Anyway he apologized to both of us and seems to be working on it. There seems to be a difference between President Kennedy and Jack in the messages he brings, and I tend to post the President Kennedy ones as I am not sure if I have permission to post the other ones. Anyway, it is clear he really wa…


Feb 29, 2020

Beautiful imagery! But I agree with Julia's comment about not mentioning the female candidates.


Feb 27, 2020

Thanks, Tina, for this really helpful information. I will be checking this practice out. the readers on this sight are just amazing, really takes a village sharing such terrific insights.


Feb 27, 2020

What Jack suggests is what I have been practicing for decades. This is the core teaching of Scout Bartlett. Changed my life.

That central column of energy is what we call the "beam" and we align it, meaning we flow energy from earth core, up through our bodies and connect it with Source so very often during the day.

Jack Kennedy's is brilliant and needed information right now. The messages you receive and then share are brilliant. They open me and lift me up. Thank you!


Feb 27, 2020

I find JFK much as he was on earth; he talks about the male candidates and not the female. He's still a chauvinist. Mr. Kennedy, you don't seem to have learned.

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