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Jesus and Mary Magdalene: Why Is It So Hard?

I am embarrassed to say that I still have difficulty going from one gear to the other, i.e., what is going on in my world to what I am hearing from folks in the other.

Ann: Good morning, Jesus and Miriam.

Jesus: (Smiling) Well, hello. We come in peace. And indeed we are not here to torment you, actually the reverse.

Ann: I know that, guys, not sure why it is such an effort to sit down to listen and write.

Jesus: You still think of us on one level as alien invaders – even though you know and long for us and celebrate our presence in your life.

Really it is the human condition in a microcosm. We land on this planet full of good intentions which take a backseat to survival, hormones, and ego development. It takes a lot to reverse that order and bring us back to our original intentions, and it is that with which you struggle.

Ann: Absolutely true. So, tell, me who invented this diabolical little system?

Mary Magdalene (Miriam): You did, darling. You and all of us who came to this planet to establish our own kingdoms – all in the name of God, of course, but as you have noticed she sometimes gets lost along the way and even kicked to the curb when human delusions of self-aggrandizement and self-gratification take over.

Jesus: We all fight it, that run for glory. Each journey to the planet is a hero’s quest, an obstacle course we have set for ourselves to bring us back to Source of our own free will, battered, broken, yes, but opened in all the right places so that Spirit’s light can permeate our beings.

Ann: Did you fight that fight?

Jesus: Every day and every night. I was asked to surrender everything to the love of God, and I fought it tooth and nail – much as you are doing now. But I had the advantage of vision, vision learned over many lifetimes until it stayed with me in that most difficult and culminating lifetime. I never lost it even when I felt most abandoned.

Miriam: He suffered, don’t ever doubt it. He suffered because of the disparity between his vision and the reality of his surroundings, surroundings which were infused with venom because such grace was perceived as a threat.

He did not have to triumph. It was not pre-ordained. It was his choice, and it was that choice that brought him the greatest joy to be had, that of knowing ourselves one with God. And through his example, we begin to see reality through his experience and do our best to transpose it onto ours.

Jesus: And I did not always succeed. I lost my connection with God when I lost my temper in the so-called cleansing of the temple. People now hold that up as my righteous fury against the infidel, but really, I lost it.

I decided that I, I Jesus of Nazareth, I the Son of God, knew better and would show those imposters who I was. It made me feel strong, powerful, better than anyone else.

Well, that was short lived, for even in the midst of that outburst, I knew I had sinned grievously against my Father in whom all power rests as I claimed that power for my own. And that wrong turn revealed to me the difficulty of overcoming my humanness, my desire to conquer, grow, and expand in the name of all that I, I, my ego and I, wanted to claim.

So you see, Ann, I understand the reluctance to let go of your own little kingdom, to surrender to the judgement of Source, but when that is accomplished, even in small measure, you will experience such glory, power, and blinding love which is only present in Holy Oneness.

But it is still like jumping off a cliff every single time.

Still, we ask each of you to take that leap. Open you heart and soul to receive a blessed message from those of us in spirit who have been where you are now and understand the struggle. Surrender to that unknowingness of unity in Source and experience even a little bit of that joy.

Miriam: And then do not be surprised if you become tired, leave again, and have to fight your own reluctance to come back to that holy place. Do not beat yourselves up about this very natural reaction. You carry what each of us carry, the back and forth of living in this world and being with God in hers.

Each pendulum swing carries its own momentum, but with the intention of sacred connection, we will always arrive back at center, allowing our feet to be planted securely in Mother Earth’s life giving soil and our arms stretched to heaven to receive the word of God.

Jesus: So it is for each of you still on the planet to let yourselves be buffeted by these competing forces, not complaining, not despairing, simply realizing that this is the work you have come for, the joining of the worlds of God and Man, Spirit and Human.

May 16, 2021

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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May 23, 2021

Ann, like you and even Robin recently (even though he is not experiencing the gravity but helps show there's a continual learning curve that we can all cut ourselves some slack!!), and others expressing this, I too have been feeling a bit disconnected, really having trouble connecting lately, it's like I was Forcing and not TRUSTING, it bothered me as I thought I was getting more agile with this...and heard and felt it in my gut over two days, to just return to nature and just do nothing this weekend and not try to control the outcome, as I rarely have time off that I'm not thinking of "next", and I FINALLY got it, but took two days to drive…


May 20, 2021

Wow. Such great topics and such amazing answers. Such a blessing to have all this helpful information.


Karen Grace
Karen Grace
May 19, 2021

This one is a much to unpack and be inspired by. Thanks Ann for allowing your day to be "disturbed!"


May 18, 2021

Loved this Ann! Thank you Jesus and Miriam. Feel so affirmed that when you asked who made our diabolical little system, Mirian answered "We did," not God the Creator.

It seems to be a lifelong struggle oscillating between the human world and God's Reality of Oneness. Even Jesus struggled day and night. Quite the revelation!


May 18, 2021

It means a lot to me that Jesus gives the example of the tantrum in the temple. I always wondered if he was God/human, in which case, he would not have to deal with all the human would be easier for him to be so wonderful. But, now I understand that he really did have the same struggles that we have. Amazing!

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