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Jesus (I think): The Body Knows

What you love will save you.


Ann: Need help, are you there?


Jesus: Of course, an entire phalanx of us.  You are entering a new phase when looking for Spirit requires more focus, and, instead, you find yourself reaching ever more frantically towards tangible pleasures to calm your soul. 

          But your body knows what is real.  It knows you, it knows what it needs to feed itself and your soul, and it seeks to convince you that the two actually have the same agenda.  But you are a hard nut to crack, and surrender sometimes still feels like a dirty word to you, and so your body takes another hit.

          Surrender, giving up, being beaten, subjugated, and, in the end, erased.  Who in the world would desire to take that journey?

          Well, in a word, those who have experienced the opposite, the soul-destroying grabber that resides in every personality, the snide and desperate energy that says, "I better look out for myself because no one else will do it."

          And that’s true as far as it goes.  We are given an ego in part to help us stand upright in a world of agonizing contradictions.  Isa, , the Rune that stands still, that says, on the one hand, no progress, but on the other, no capitulation.  We stand still to claim our own place on the planet.  We need Isa to help us do this, we need an ego so that we do not merge into the people, ideas, addictions, or causes that offer us a phantom solution to our separated state.

          For we are separated.  Every soul that committed to enter earth’s atmosphere and take on an earthly body has set themselves up for separation. Each has taken on the puzzle of how to be connected to Source and still sufficiently separated to survive in the finite world, a place where a zero-sum game is the norm for humans throughout the ages and much of the natural world. 

If you have it, then I don’t, and I therefore will perish. We are born to competition, individually and on behalf of our communities. It’s a simple concept, too simple, in fact to represent the whole truth of our existence, but we have relied upon it to survive.

          What it leaves out, in that simplicity, is our common origin, the creative and loving power of Source, the archetypal energy that knits us together, friend and foe, that shows us that we are not, cannot, and do not, when all is said and done, want to be left to our own resources on one little planet in the vastness of the universe.

          So, when these forces, the ones that tell you they are essential for your survival gather, gather and they will, no matter how enlightened a path you may be treading, you must consider who and what you love more than "survival."

Not the material attractions of the world, not the addictions, those soul piranhas of this world, and not the false prophets offering an easy way out.  It is what you love that will save you - a child, an the animal or human friend, a bird at your window, a stream that graces your woodlands and fields, the stars that beckon you at night. 

Which of these would you die for?  That is where you will find the light of Source that pierces the veil of the siren song of power, pleasure and what you thought was life.  

Enlightenment is not a straight line.  Simply stay the course, do the best you can, and you will return to your forever home with honor.


 April 2, 2024

Free Image Credit: Pixabay, sciencefreak.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only. 



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