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Jesus: Assimilating Good and Evil

If you had been born an angel,

we would not be having this conversation!

Ann: Good morning, Jesus, it’s quite early. Is this really you? I keep hearing your voice saying, "Everyone has their own path." As you can see from my internet surfing, I have had some resistance to coming here.

Jesus: (Smiling) Good morning Ann. Yes, it is I, and, as you know, I am nothing if not persistent. You have ably illustrated the theme for this morning’s talk by shucking, jiving and dodging our conversation here.

This appears to be your path and one to which many may relate. It is hard, is it not, to set down the concerns of the world in their intrinsically ego support role and attend to the voice of Spirit? Not because we are not devoted to Spirit, but because the human animal is always preoccupied with survival of the body. We fight to live as we understand life.

You have in fact tapped into our deepest animal instinct as each of us do every day. There is nothing to be ashamed of here, and much to gather in as learning, as expanding and transformational insight.

Such insight, however, is not to be confused with intellectual information. The insight that comes through the process we reference here, that is, resistance, turning toward, turning away, then back again, is experiential, elemental, and part of the process and part of the learning to be a fully realized human being.

My dear, if you had been born an angel we would not be having this conversation! But you were born, not just by some outside agency, but through your own choice to explore the tension between human and Divine.

It is this tension that expands individual and cosmic understanding of the most fundamental premise of human existence which is that we are both human and Divine, one cannot be separated from the other, and that together they expand the loving force of God's creation. .

I hear you wondering if I had to deal with the baser instincts when I walked the earth, and let me assure you that they stalked my path every minute of every day.

It has been said that, until we can recognize our own capacity for evil, we cannot embody the Divine, and that is nothing less than the simple truth.

Each of us has the capacity to be hero, victim, or destroyer. Those most enlightened embody the entirety of this truth.

One of two sisters who suffered the viciousness of the Nazi concentration camps in World War II wrote that only when she recognized her own capacity to have become the Nazi jailer could she truly embody the Divine gifts that allowed her to endure the horrors of that experience.*

We each of us have our own path to assimilating the forces of good and evil, human and Divine, until we come to a working model that allows us to proceed in our lives with humility and expansion, thus honoring the fundamental tenet of humanity, that is, that each of us is carries good and evil at our core, and each must come to our own form of resolution.

This we do through compassion for our own and each other’s journey. It is in that process that we are reborn into the heart of God.

It is then that good and evil are assimilated into a creative whole that expands the God Force with multiple iterations of its own empowered love.

Rune: Nauthidz, , the necessary force of resistance in finding resolution.

July 19, 2023

*Corrie ten Boom, Elizabeth Sherrill, John Sherrill, The Hiding Place, 1971.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes.

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Jul 20, 2023 own thought would one deign to offer an insightful comment upon a profound message from Jesus?

I certainly can't think of one, yet appreciate so much his messages.

Some days, Ann, it must astound you to just be you.

I can only imagine, truly.

Jul 21, 2023
Replying to

I need to be reminded. Thank you, Laurie, really appreciate the comment.


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