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Jesus and Miriam: Bringing In The Light

Mary Magdalene: Good morning to you, Ann, and to your readers. I wanted to stop by to say that you are all undergoing a great change, and you are not alone. I wonder how many of you can feel the earth move under their feet, the sky tumbling down as Carole King once said, the transformation that is bearing down upon each and every one of us?

It is happening. Yes, the signs at first are all of destruction, the death throes of the old order, the frantic attempt of the few to hang on to control over the many who are not taking kindly to these old tactics as finally they have a real taste of freedom. And yet a mob rule response is not the answer.

I ask each of you to find balance in your lives to keep yourselves from being sucked into the rising currents of oppression or the flood of angry retaliation. Neither will bring us into to the light which is surely the way of the Lord.

Jesus: Yes. I, Miriam, and many of us here have been weeping to see the cleansing currents of change coopted by the reactive violence of the few who love destruction for its own sake. This is where vigilance in our own lives, in our own reactions must be exercised to the max. The means are the end. We cannot achieve peace and justice with terror and destruction. This is what I and others like Bapu and Dr. King have understood and done our best to teach.

I ask that you each find a way to express your commitment to the light in a way that furthers its expression and its contrast to darker energies.

We live in turbulent and transformative times. Let us be sure we are tending our own gardens so that these new energies can grow free of the taint of Satan’s lure of violence and anarchy. Each one of us who moves toward change with peace and love in our hearts will bring light to the whole, thereby exponentially increasing the power and timing of transformation.

Blessings upon all of you in these grand and terrible moments of time where a new order gathers to be born. It is coming. Be ready with clean hands and clean souls, and you will see God’s purpose in the making.

September 24, 2020

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1 Comment

Sep 24, 2020

No truer words and sentiments need to be spoken and taken to heart right now than quelling the violence this administration is bringing out. What puzzles me completely and I would love an answer from them about this is why all the churches around where I live completely support Trump and all his evilness? I am gob smacked by their ability to shield themselves to who he is and who those around him truly are, it's not like they even hide it they are blatant and yet those who supposedly speak for God and Jesus support him without question?

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