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Jesus: Compartmentalization

This morning I woke up in the chilly dawn feeling Jesus's energy around me, but the covers were warm and I just wanted to stay cocooned in what seemed to be my safe place, thinking "Later, can we do this later?" Then the word compartmentalization came into my head, and I wanted to find a picture of it. So I got up, went looking for the picture, and then went back to Jesus - as had probably been intended all along.

Ann: Jesus? Would you say something for the blog?

Jesus: Of course. (Smiling.) Now that you have your picture, it would be churlish to refuse.

The human system can only take so much at once. In defense, we wall off the various parts of ourselves into discreet components and try to deal with them one by one.

The problem comes when some of those compartments are bricked over and left to lay fallow until their needs become so extreme that havoc is raised in the life of the holder when they finally burst out of what has become an intolerable prison.

We have many reasons for the abandonment of some of these segments of ourselves. Fear, as always, is the root cause. We fear to be taken over, to be pulled under and drowned by our own emotional lack of control. We fear being co-opted and used. We fear our own power.

Yet oddly enough it is not just the emotions commonly associated with fear that can derail us. Just as fear can spawn anger and violence, so too can it generate distance between our soul and its creator. When we begin to think we can handle it, that we do not need, perhaps even do not want, spiritual interference in our lives, then we begin to embark upon a series of domino like events that can create quite the disaster when some unexpected push knocks the entire structure down.

It is not easy to break the habit of compartmentalization, no easier in fact than it was to build it for what were at the time very good reasons. Many of us came the hard way by the knowledge that we are our own responsibilities, that there is no one who can ”save” us, that we must belly up to the bar and take hold of our own lives, that no one can do it for us. Parents, lovers, friends, however wonderful or destructive, cannot make our lives work for us, nor can they destroy us without our own cooperation. We must make our own choice to honour our chosen mission on the planet.

So once that lesson has been learned, it seems somewhat ironic, to say the least, that we are asked to give ourselves, our lives our mission, and our very souls over to Spirit, but so it is. And yet, oddly enough, when we take that first step, we do not feel ourselves disappear as we has perhaps anticipated. Instead we are treated to a joyful celebration of our return home and find ourselves surprisingly whole, intact, connected, and blessed in our origin, our history, our mission, and our clan.

This is what we ask from each of you. More than ask, really. We beg, plead, tantalize, and torture each one of you until you can finally see us and in the process reclaim your own soul and purpose. We don’t ask you to turn your backs on your misgivings and conflicts but simply make these just one more aspect of your journey home.

Let yourself turn toward this joyful homecoming. We are waiting.

September 20, 2021

Free Image Credit: Pixabay

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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1 Comment

Karen Grace
Karen Grace
Sep 21, 2021

This message is so consistent with the message in A Course in Miracles.

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