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Jesus: Connecting With Spirit

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Tibetan Spirit Horse.

Jesus: I wanted to speak with you about spiritual journeys. When we travel a spiritual path, our journey is revealed and recorded in many different forms. Each of you have had such an experience.

Each of you has heard from the Great Spirit in dreams, visions, mists, clouds or the simple juxtaposition of events. Perhaps coming across a text, a quote, a chance reference to something that has profound significance in the moment but is ordinary in itself.

Day dreaming or fantasies which develop a life of their own can be unexpectedly rich, in both their symbolism and transportation of experiences from another life or sometimes foreshadowing those to come.

We have spoken to each of you in dreams, and we have reached out to you from special places because sometimes your rational mind puts up barriers against us. This is fear speaking trying to drown out the voice of spirit.

Or you may block us out in other ways, for example the extreme fatigue that hit you now, Ann, which is working to block a transmission which may cut too close to the bone.

Ann: Jesus I cannot stay awake.

Jesus: I understand. Still your body puts up barriers to our communions. Do not fight the body in this but come back when rested to continue. It will be interesting to see the types and forms of screening that your psyche will throw up against our communication.

Ann: Is this dark stuff?

Jesus: No, but protection is always a good idea. Call on your guides and angels to watch over you while you sleep. Then come to me upon awakening.

Next morning:

Ann: OK, back again, not a restful night though I did sleep, woke up with dreams that I do not remember, something about giving out the wrong thing.

Jesus: Good morning, Ann, I appreciate your fidelity.

Ann: It was just a chance because I left this writing on the computer, I was really planning to work on the book.

Jesus: Just a coincidence, eh? I believe we were just discussing those....

And the dream about giving out the wrong thing, you still fear to be taken to task, that you are not channeling correctly, or that someone may takes exception to what you are doing or think you are a fraud or shyster. These, my dear, are barriers.

Ann: I take your point.

Jesus: Good. Let us continue where we left off last night which was a discussion of how humans commune with Spirit. So many people, yourself included, think they are doing it wrong and so give up too soon. But this time you have persevered, and I feel your spirit lighten. Do you understand why that is?

Ann: Not really, but something to do with your presence?

Jesus: Only in part. You feel better because I have been talking to you about the lack of rules in being with spirit and once those strictures have been lifted and you are allowed to be who you are, a smile starts to grow inside you.

This is the key I want each of you to look for. This is what we bring you, a sense of well being regardless of outward circumstances. This place of haven, of acceptance and love that is yours for the asking.

Take the day to notice those odd moments where something slightly out of the way has occurred. Nothing major, just the slightest signal that we are with you. Then open your being to the presence of your angels and guides.

Whomever you call upon will answer, that I can guarantee. You just have to be awake enough to hear.

October 28, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only

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Oct 29, 2020

Thanks, guys, you keep me going!


Oct 29, 2020

Thank you Jesus and Ann for your discussion that we all grapple with at times. I like the common sense message to "come back when rested", so we can be of best mind and actually take in information, and feel good in our body too!


Karen Grace
Karen Grace
Oct 28, 2020

Wow, perfect timing. Thanks Ann...for preserving in spite of fatigue!

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