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Jesus: Hiding Your Light

I received the below conversation this morning and repeat it here because from my many conversations with you, it is clear to me that the light that each of you carry is totally awesome, and surely this conversation was meant for you also.

But first I was afraid I was overplaying the Jesus hand.

Jesus: So you don’t want to flood the market? Do I need a ghost writer/transmitter?

Ann: No, silly, just feeling a little weird that it’s you I always come to, and thinking that the blog needs different voices to appeal to different people. Clearly misguided because when you have the source….

Jesus: (Smiling) Well, you don’t exactly have The Source. In fact there are many sources which is a topic for another day. Suffice it to say, you think, for example, the Arcturians would have more pull?

Ann: Well, ….. That is, no, I am being ridiculous.

Jesus: And yet, we must train ourselves to notice each “ridiculous” detour that our ego or our psyche puts us through. What you don’t say is that you fear ridicule for putting it about that you can channel the voice of Jesus.

Ann: Yeah, guess so.

Jesus: And that means that your confidence in your own abilities is not as strong as you would like. Either that, or you are a perfect fraud.

Ann: Yep, got it in one. But then, you are Jesus….

Jesus: (Grinning) Nice of you to notice.

Now, where were we? Oh yes, hiding your light - under a bushel or anywhere else for that matter. Or, to put it another way burying your talents, those gifts you were given when you embarked upon this earthly adventure, in the ground.*

The root cause is always fear in any of its many permutations. The only antidote is courage, but courage must be based upon vision and knowledge. Vision, not with merely the eyes but, more importantly, the senses, and not just the five senses we access through the human body.

More important are the auric senses, the ability to open one's comprehension field, sometimes referred to as consciousness, to receive input not limited by previous knowledge derived from the tactile senses. It is only the practice of lifting one’s gaze, one’s vibration, and one’s spirit with a willingness to receive that will allow us to expand and fine tune this level of consciousness.

What you must do is suspend disbelief and do so as a regular practice. You will then find the rewards of such communication far outstrip any earthly rewards that the senses have to offer.

Not, by the way, that I am suggesting that you shut down your bodily antennae, but that you allow that source of information to become enhanced by a more perfect knowledge.

Yes, you see through a glass darkly now, but each of you has the ability to see face to face. First in an instant, an unfamiliar pulse or passing epiphany, but gradually as a more sustained stream which will carry you on your chosen path, the path that your soul chose before you make the perilous journey to this planet.

For that, you need sustained practice. Notice I say “sustained” not “forced.” Nothing worthwhile is ever achieved by force which is why you will never hear me take you to task in a denigrating fashion.

Ridicule and shame are not holy incentives and will never achieve the Divine purpose of compassion and grace.

You will come out into the light when you have seen for yourself, when you have experienced in your newly raised consciousness the reality of God’s love, not just for others but for the fractured soul you call your own.

Don’t worry that we’re becoming old hat. We have just begun.

January 22, 2023

*Matthew 25:14–30, Parable of the Talents.

Free Image Credit: Pixabay, Anrita1705.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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