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Jesus: How Do We Forgive Ourselves?

Reader Question: "The question I have been trying to answer for a long, long time is about self-forgiveness. I really don't want to forgive myself because the crimes are too great. But I also am aware of the damage it does to me to judge so harshly. What happens on the other side for a person drowning in self-judgment?"

Ann: When I read this question so important to us all, I figured that we needed a really big gun to address this. Jesus came immediately to mind and so I asked - which, I can tell you, is pretty nerve-wracking. If the reply does not resonate with you, please just let it go.

Ann: Jesus, can you talk to us about self-forgiveness that is so hard to swallow for many of us who know full well what we have done?

Jesus: Yes. And you may also want to consult my soul friend Mahatma who has much to say on the subject. But, for now, perhaps this will help.

Forgiving oneself is the gateway to heaven. Until you recognize your own heart as the heart of God, it may seem self-congratulatory to think that you could be so bold as to offer forgiveness to such a wretch as yourself. What you have to understand is that you are not a wretch, you are a beloved child of Christ, not myself as Jesus, the scholar, the teacher, the sinner, who with the help of the Father, the Mother, the Creator in one was able to recognize the holy spark that propelled his path, the Christ Force that came through me from the Creator.

Of our own, of course neither you nor I can forgive ourselves because we have not the authority to do so. We simply do not have the power, the gravitas, or the creative authority in our little selves, but deep within each of us the Higher Self that is our real identity, and the power that comes through us from that Source lies dormant until we allow ourselves to see.

Little children, do you not realize that you are a spark of the Divine? Forgiveness is never necessary. Recognition is all that is required. When you come to see yourself as you are, holy in spite of your wrongdoings because you came with the best of intentions and may have lost your way for a bit.

Think of the shock of arriving on this planet, no memory, no anchor, and no guiding light. Is it any wonder that we start out trying to create our own universe until we realize that we are already a part of something much bigger in scope, power and creative force? I takes time and trial and error.

Although I was one of those who never completely lost conscious connection with the Creator and even as a child knew the holy ways of the Father, I did not always follow the higher path. I suffered everything that each of you suffer, the desire to be loved and admired as a part of my tribe, to excel, to have power and influence, to have wealth that many thought would insulate me from the tribulations that all of us must face.

I did not want to be the Christ example for the rest of us. Some of the greatest joys for me were tactile - the feel of the earth, the mother, the child, the lover - and I was blessed that these were in my life. But always there was the pull of The More. I knew that I was incomplete. I carried an angst within my soul that could not be satisfied by anything other than union with the Creator, and this put me at odds not only with the ego forces in the world but with my own earthly desires, my impatience, my reluctance to be the “One.”

So you see, I was not exempt from temptation, wrongdoing, and ego desires. More than once I gave in, but much of this has been kept from the record of those lost years of struggle and study where what my ego wanted had to be blended with who I knew I was.

In that time I learned first hand, as have you, that living on this earth is a struggle. But I also learned that there is no action that needs forgiveness, just the simple recognition that the action that caused such remorse took you away from the light of your Creator. There is no judgement, just awakening.

So take my hand and let us walk together, take into our hearts those things we wish we had done differently, and let the light of our awareness shine not only to light our own path but to provide a deep and bottomless well of compassion for all who have strayed from the light.

No loss of direction is permanent. All we have to do is to start walking toward our true home in our Creator’s universe, in our Creator’s heart. No matter how many wrong turns we take, welcome will be there when we turn for home.

March 4, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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