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Jesus: How To Pray

Prayer is the joining together of energies

for the healing of one or more beings.

I woke up before five this morning hearing Jesus talking to me about how to pray. I thought, "Yeah, right, good, can we do this later?"

Silly me.

Ann: OK, Jesus, here you go.

Jesus: (Smiling) And there you sit like an annoyed child that I have gotten out of her warm bed to write down our conversation.

Ann: Sorry, I am kind of crabby.

Jesus: It’s part of your charm – and nevertheless, here you are. And glad I am that you disturbed yourself for what is really an important discussion.

Ann: Yes. I don’t understand about praying. It seems incredibly presumptuous for me to tell you or Spirit or some archangel or another how to help myself or someone else.

Jesus: And here is where you have missed the point. Prayer is not only supplication or direction - though it has some elements of both.

Healing, I might add is also misunderstood. Healing does not always mean that the beneficiary “gets well” in the conventional physical, or even emotional, sense, though that can happen. Healing is when body and soul and Spirit have combined to create an understanding of why we are here and what we have to offer. Healing is the strengthening of the physical and spiritual connection, matter and non-matter joined in an expanding and productive whole.

So when we pray, we ask for this healing. There are many ways to do this.

I would like to offer you a method of prayer that I have found effective over the many eons of my existence with the understanding that it is only one of many.

1. First, open yourself to the healing light that is offered you at every moment of every day. This light comes to you through your heart center. Inhale its light and power and feel it expand. Exhale all other energies. Continue until you feel settled in your core.

2. Then offer your hands to the celestial energies, myself or your own guides or angels, and let our hands connect.

3. Feel the energy, the circuit running through our circle. Settle to it. Then expand the circle to encompass all that you pray for. It is not necessary that our hands be joined as indeed they will not be as the circle expands. Nevertheless, the energy will not dissipate and may gain in power.

4. Then offer your prayer for healing always leaving the how and when to your higher power.

5. Feel the pulse of the sacred circle that we have created. Feel the rhythm change and develop as it will. Give yourself to the healing energy on behalf of yourself or those for whom you ask intercession. Do not be surprised if you feel actual pulsing energy vibrate from your palms, your arms, or even your entire body.

6. When it begins to subside, give thanks and close the sacred circle.

A request for healing is always answered, and in the process you yourself have received as much as you have offered to others.

And yes, you as well as Spirit have offered healing. It is the connection, the joining of your energy with that of the expanding cosmos that allows the circuit to be completed and healing to take place.

We are each healers in our own right. It simply remains for us to claim our own power.

October 6, 2021

Free Image Credit: Activedia, Pixabay.

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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Oct 10, 2021

That was a wonderful experience and teaching from Jesus and Source to us all and back! It is Thanksgiving Weekend here in Canada so a good day to read this and send healing energy to our world.


Oct 08, 2021

This too shall pass, that is healing.


Oct 06, 2021

Okay, I am curious as to what Jesus, or another entity, might share regarding praying for others with the intent to "heal" or change to our desired outcome for others, something I've often noticed people think is good and righteous. I'll attempt to explain.....

Let's say my purpose for incarnation this lifetime is specifically to experience illness or disease. Or , perhaps, specifically for an innocent child to experience cancer. Is our insistence to righteously pray for physical healing impeding the purpose and potential spiritual growth we might otherwise know? It's as if one is judged to be "negative" (me, specifically) by questioning the intent many pronounce the judgement of prayer to be.

Perhaps someone incarnated to experience physical suffering…

Oct 07, 2021
Replying to

Thank you for those beautiful sentiments Laurie. I hold a special place in my heart for you and the lovely Dulci and I always will. Much much Love to you both❤️️❤️️


Oct 06, 2021

What a beautiful message to begin the day! I really love the energy of this post and heartfelt gratitude for the sharing from both of you!

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