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Jesus On Karma

"Karma in a promise, karma is a gift,

and karma is an opportunity for growth."

Jesus: Today I would like to open your hearts and minds to the reality of the expanding universe, the continuity of change ad evolution in every aspect of existence.

You can see it in the seasons, not just as one bleeds into the next, but with the evolution of each season one year into the next, one decade into the next and so on.

Though it is impossible for the human mind to completely comprehend the magnitude of this expansion and evolution, nothing stops you from giving yourself over to these changes in your expectations and in your heart’s core.

Simply stated, nothing stays the same. Each of you have come here for a reason. As you expand your mind, open your heart, and quell your limiting thoughts and doubts, you will begin to see the direction in which you are moving.

Karma is at the core of each life, but is widely misunderstood. It is not retribution or punishment. Karma in a promise, karma is a gift, and karma is an opportunity for growth. When you meet karma, you must not run, for karma will not bother to chase you but will simply meet you on the way to your next destination.

Determine what you are asked to experience. Karna, oddly enough, is not asking you to do, though doing can result from your acceptance or refusal to meet it on its own terms. Karma just wants to help you broaden your experience and understanding.

What you may have thought was without consequence, karma may bring to your notice past the point of ignoring its presence in your life. Look it in the eye. Say to it, “Pleased to meet you, let us walk together in this lifetime and form a partnership that obviates the need for solitary travel in the future.” That is the purpose of karma.

And don’t forget to ask for help from your guides and angels, from enlightened beings however they may have manifested in your life. The family dog can be your guru, the aging grandmother your guide, a medial or financial challenge your lodestar.

Many of us are there with you. Talk to us, discuss it with us. We will never put you down because we are on your side. Always. Come to us, and we will walk with you and your karma hand in hand.

October 19, 2020

All blog entries are works of the imagination and are for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.

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1 Comment

Karen Grace
Karen Grace
Oct 19, 2020

Dog IS my guide!

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